Sewing Cards | A Toddler Craft.

Audrey has become very interested in sewing the last little while. I have a feeling it has something to do with the bow ties I made the boys for Easter. She was so impressed with my handiwork and kept asking “mommy, you made those?” I’ve been wanting to make her some sewing cards and her new found interest was just the push I needed.

Audrey’s cards were created from basic supplies and a few of her favorite animal/insect shapes. Since finishing up her sewing card set this morning she’s been stitching away, showing me her work as she goes and saying “in, then out” all the while. It’s really darling.

To create some sewing cards of your own you’ll need to gather a few supplies:
animal shape template download (I created this using the same shapes in Audrey’s cards)
extra heavy chipboard
-xacto knife
-self healing mat
1/8-inch circle hole punch
twisted mason twine (these colors are amazing!)

Begin by tracing your shapes on to the chipboard.

Then, use your xacto knife to cut around the shapes. Be sure to do this on a self healing mat to prevent scratching your work surface.

Use your pencil to mark where you will be punching holes. Try to space them evenly apart and don’t mark them too close to the edge of the chipboard.
Punch your holes.

When your cards are finished and you’re ready to start sewing, cut a length of twine and carefully hold each end over a candle flame to melt. This will prevent the twine from fraying and will create a hard end that will be easier for small hands to work with.

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