DIY Yarn wrapped letters

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Yarn has become my favorite to create with this year.  I am constantly on the look-out for what I can wrap it around, or what I can create with it. So, naturally, when I spotted the kraft letters at the store I instantly knew I had to wrap yarn around them!  This is so easy, and it not only makes a charming decoration for your home.  But choose any letter, or word, and this makes a great gift any time of the year!


To begin, you will need:
Kraft letters
Step one:
On the back on the letter, tape down the end of the yarn.
{insert: DIY yarn-wrapped letters step one}
Step two:
start wrapping the yarn around and around!
You want the yarn to be snug, but not wrapped too tightly.  Also, you can wrap the yarn in perfect little rows like I did, or be a bit more random with the placement.  This is your choice.
Step three:
As you continue to wrap, you will find curves and places that it is hard to keep the yarn in place.  Simply apply another piece of tape in the back to help the yarn stay, as often as necessary.
I chose to wrap the letters ombre’ style, so I overlapped the white with cream, and at the end added a darker-natural yarn.  This could be done with lots of colors, or keep your letters all the same yarn color.  Be creative!
{insert: DIY yarn-wrapped letters step three}
Voila!  Yarn-wrapped letters ombre’ style! Enjoy these in your home, or as a personalized gift!

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