Enter To Win our 2nd Destination Nursery…Dream Nursery/Kids Room Make-over

UPDATE: check out the Room reveal for the winner of this awesome giveaway space here….

Delighted to present the 2nd Destination Nursery, Dream Nursery/Kids Room Makeover! One of the most exciting parts…ANYONE can now enter in the US and CANADA as we are offering the option to choose a Nursery or a Kids room makeover for your boy or girl for 1 lucky winner!

Mom’s Best is happy to present this opportunity with 5 other talented and very amazing bloggers, Leann from Elle Apparel, Abby from Twist Me Pretty, Isobel from Holden on Baby, Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, and Merrick from Merrick’s Art.  A very special thanks to all of the amazing brands for their wonderful generosity in donating all of these items for 1 LUCKY WINNER! You will have a chance to check out their sites and follow them via social media as you complete the items for entry.

>>>Please read all of the details carefully below and honestly complete each item…we will double check the entries. To increase your chances for winning be sure to check out all of the other blogs and follow them.

This Giveaway is made possible thanks to these amazing brands and blogs…dreams can come true!!

2nd-sponsor-DNCheck out these amazing spaces exclusively designed for your boy or girl…thanks so much for entering we can’t wait to pick another winner!

-tribal-theme-girl destination nursery

1-3. Young America Kudos Crib, Mix Panel twin bed, & Mix Double Dresser, 4 & 5. Marqee Letter & Arrow from Junk Art Gypsyz, 6. Sunrise Chevron Pillow from Neon Vintage,  7. Quinn Rocker~Best Chairs storytime series, 8. Rhapsody Rug from Dash & Albert, 9. Baby Camel, 10. Teepee by Clemmie Sue,  11. Dream Catcher from Modern Maven Mercantile,  12. Custom Bedding and pouf’s from Fingers and Toes  (bumpers, sheet, bedskirt,  or Kid Duvet, Pillow case and Shams+floor Pouf).

Tribal-Theme-Boy- Destination Nursery

1-3. Young America Kudos Crib, Mix Panel twin bed, & Mix Double Dresser, 4. Aztec Pillow from Neon Vintage 5. Bright turquoise Aztec Pillow  6. Tiger Watercolor Art, 7. Quinn Rocker~Best Chairs storytime series, 8.  Icelandia white Hand knotted Rug Dash & Albert, 9. Marqee Letter & Arrow from Junk Art Gypsyz,, 10. Water Color Feathers  11. Teepee by Clemmie Sue,, 12. Custom Bedding and pouf’s from Fingers and Toes (bumpers, sheet, bedskirt, or Kid Duvet, Pillow case and Shams+floor Pouf).

Also, as you Enter to Win the kids room makeover, you will be entered to WIN these special delivery items for you and your child….we have hand picked some of our favorites just for you!



1. Lisa Leonard Jewelry, win a $50 gift card,  2. Win a 1 year quarterly toy box subscription from Little Pnuts.   3. stack-able rings by Jessica N designs, win a set of 3,  4. For the mama~ a body pillow from Bump Nest + a set of matching beanies for your little one.  5. House of Mia organic apparel and accessories   Winner will choose between, 2 pairs of leggings for your child, or a pair of leggings,swaddle blanket & a beanie for your baby.


*Mom’s Best would like to bring a design team to your area as we make over your nursery/ kids space.  You could be a part of our mini-web “Reality” series…as we travel to the next 3-5 winner’s location!  Watch for our campaign launching soon via Kick Starter…raising the necessary funds to travel to each winners location…details coming soon! Will you be our next destination?

Thanks so much for entering we can’t wait to pick another winner! GIVEAWAY CLOSED  See Winners Listed Below!


1. First check out the behind the scenes video here to see exactly what can go into creating your dream nursery/kids space!

2. You must complete all items listed below in Rafflecopter …all entries will be verified so please be honest in completing all of the items. There are a couple items you can share and do daily to increase your point score and chance for winning! Once you are complete now be sure to visit the other fantastic bloggers while dreaming about how much you are going to love your new dream nursery/kids room make over!

3. On July 12th we will randomly pick 5 people…these 5 people will then be asked to submit a quick 30 second video clip.  Then for 3 days, the public will have the chance to vote on their favorite video, you will have the chance to help us pick the final winner!    Best of luck! Winner Announced July 18th!

4. RESTRICTIONS to enter…you must be at least 21 years old and either 6+ months pregnant or already have children…we are offering a kid’s room space for a child of any age.  Anyone can enter that fits this criteria.  Open to US and CANADA residents only.

5. You may not enter to win these items with the intent of donating some or part to someone else.  This is meant solely for the winner.  Thank you!
**This is a nursery/make over with design help…you will be expected to paint,prep, and assemble the space with items received in the prize package within a specified period of time… We will require before and after video footage from which we will create a mini video to share with destination nursery readers.
***All items listed will be donated to 1 lucky winner Best of luck!

THE 5 Semi-Finalist WINNERS ARE:   Kailee Fitch, Adrienne Mason, Emily Angell, and Shannon Weight…we have just sent you an email with details!!!

One of our 5 winners did not qualify…so we have randomly picked another semi-finalist Marisa Torres…we  just sent you an email with details…please confirm…thanks!



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142 thoughts on “Enter To Win our 2nd Destination Nursery…Dream Nursery/Kids Room Make-over”

  1. This is my first summer with Michael [7 months now] and he really enjoys being outdoors and people watching. I enjoy taking him on walks in the parks and visiting friends and family!

  2. I have 2 boys. My oldest will be three in July, he loves going to the beach during the summer. He loves to build sand castles and play in the water. My youngest is only 3 months, he likes to watch brother in all his adventures.

  3. My favorite thing to do with my lovely children is play with them outside together, we love playing football thats our favorite hobby together :).

  4. My favorite activity to do with my kids (Quinn- 3, Jude -14 months) is go to the splash pad. they have hours of fun running around and I just love watching them giggle and smile:)

    1. Hi Brittny…we are new to GFC as well, from I understand you will just link through to the bloggers website and in their sidebar you click JOIN THIS SITE all you have to do is login with gmail, twitter, or yahoo. Then Click done in the rafflecoptier once that is complete 🙂

  5. I’m currently pregnant and have 3 nieces. We love to go get frozen yogurt on hot summer days! Then they love to run around the backyard.

  6. Currently I am pregnant with our first (due in October), but definitely avoiding the heat is a must for our favorite activity right now. In the future I’d love to go to the beach, go camping, and spend weekends at car shows with daddy and our little one during the summer time. 🙂

  7. pregnant with our second and our first is going through terrible two. so i love to take my first one our to pet smart and ymca’s gym class to get all her energy out so that she will be too tired to throw tantrums.

  8. I am pregnant with our first. I really enjoy going to the beach in the summer. I especially love going out to eat in the summer and taking advantage of sitting outside.

  9. This is amazing! I’m 27 weeks pregnant right now and haven’t done much with the ‘nursery’ yet. I’m hoping for the best!

  10. I absolutely love summer! We live in Washington state so summers here are gorgeous and sunny. And when the sun shines we like to get out of the house that we are stuck in for most of the year. 🙂 I would have to say my favorite thing to do is going out in the boat and cruising down the puget sound and heading up to Seattle to check out the city from the water. Annabelle loves it. We put out crab pods and have lunch at a near by water park. It’s a true family event with all of us. And now having another one on the way I can’t wait to share that with them next summer. 🙂

  11. I don’t have a little one quite yet as he is still about 8 weeks shy of making his grand entrance but we hope to enjoy every bit of summer with him since our winters are long and cold here in Winnipeg!

  12. You guys!!! This is incredible!! Seriously a dream. I am a mom of two and a small business owner trying to juggle a million different things just like all of you.. So my dreams and ideas of what I would die for my babies nursery to look like is that… Just a dream, and just ideas. I see your pictures and ideas and I could just scream and do Barney jumps… You’re amazing and inspiring. I gotta win this.. Like… HAVE TO win this! Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. My favourite thing to do with my kids is go on walks! Especially in the morning when it’s just starting to warm up. The kids love the fresh air and chatting away in the wagon with each other. It’s pretty cute to listen to 🙂

  14. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to take my kids to the summer movie series. Thye don’t usually get to go during the year so it’s a weekly summer treat and so cheap.

  15. Summertime means being outdoors as much as possible in our family! Living in Southern California, one of our very favorite things to do is hit the beach, but my 3 year old has recently taken an interest in setting up a play tent, made of sheets, in the backyard. It would be amazing to have this rad tee-pee to play in for summer time & beyond!

  16. Baby Cora would love this beautiful space! 🙂 I’m six months pregnant so my favorite summer things to do so far with Cora are yoga in the park, hammock camping (very comfortable way to sleep while pregnant!), eat gallons of fresh strawberries, and drink watermelon slushy drinks with dad (and his whiskey) on the porch!

  17. My daughter, Aubrey, and I love dancing, painting, watering the garden and picking flowers together in the summer. I love that I’m off work and have tons of time to spend with her!

  18. I have a three month old so for my first summer as a mom, I hope to go to the pool so my baby isnt scared of water like he is at bath time!

  19. Love to hang out in the pool with my son .. he really loves to swim. If weather is nice, we also walk and bike together.

  20. This would be perfect I just stenciled an arrow stencil in my newborns room.
    My favorite summer thing is swimming and eating some ice cream with the family!

  21. Seeing as my twins are still unborn, so far my favorite thing to do this summer is eating ice cream because it is so darn hot! 🙂

  22. This is awesome! Would be a wonderful birthday gift for my little girl who’s been asking and dreaming up her own room. For the summer we enjoy heading out for some frozen yogurt 🙂

  23. My favorite thing to do with my lil guy is swim. The kid is a natural fish so he loves being in the water, whether its the pool, lake or tub this kid loves to be wet and we love to get him wet.

  24. We love to draw on the driveway with chalk then hose it down and watch the colors run down the driveway together. Then of course, we have to have a water fight with the hose.

  25. we love to go swimming, have picnics, play frisbee, and go on bike rides!! we love to stay active and enjoy the weather!

  26. we love to go to drive-in movies, serious pool time, running through the sprinklers, frozen yogurt runs, eating watermelon until we are about to burst, and camping out in the backyard! i just love this time of the year…almost as much as the AWESOME giveaway! xo

  27. this summer is all about fishing, fireworks, and going to the “big top,” which is kid language for the local fair at the park!

  28. I love going on walks with my two little buddies. Our daughter Matilda is immune compromised (she had a liver transplant when she was 6 weeks old) so getting outside is always a blessing.

  29. We love to go to this free splash pad at a local park. Mom and baby can sit in the shade and watch our toddler prance around–fun for all!

  30. we love going places. like this summer we plan to not only go to the beach but the aquarium, the zoo, our please touch museum and dinosaur museum 🙂 my daughter LOVES dinos so we may visit that place more than once lol

  31. We are planning to surprise out kids with an epic trip to Disneyland. I love all of the modern furniture. It really would be a dream come true!

  32. Oh I LOVE it all! I have signed my kids up for the summer library reading program and swim lessons. We live only 15 minutes away from a beautiful mountain range. We live to go camping and the kids love to explore and search for new bug pets.

  33. My daughter and I love to lounge by the pool then go for some yummy frozen yogurt after! Would love to win this for her!

  34. I’m expecting my first right now so we’re excited to start discovering fun things to do in the summer 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  35. Gosh, I’m pregnant with my first baby- a little girl!!! I can’t wait to take her to the beach and hopes she loves it as much as we do!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! What a dream come true to win!!!

  36. My little people love to go outside and splash in the kiddie pool, chase bubbles around the front yard, or play on the slip-n-slide. The newest addition loves to sit in her bouncy chair and watch 🙂

  37. Honestly, I just enjoy the time with him in general, regardless of what we do…our days always seemed cut short with his school, so I treasure just the time together 🙂

  38. This summer we are pregnant with our first, and are already having fun with him! On our holiday vacation this month, we already claimed he had his first family reunion, fishing trip, road trip, and souvenirs gathered along the way! We want to make sure our kids have as many experiences as possible- even when they can’t remember them quite yet!

  39. Praying that I win this time! My favorite summer activity this summer is taking my two year old to the pool… probably because I’m 8 months pregnant and it’s nice to have a cool off and watch him in his element playing in the splash pad!

  40. Little one due in Jan! I am loving this whole experience and so excited to be connected to this network!

  41. Ooops favorite thing to do with a kiddo so far is my niece since baby is due in Jan! But swimming in the pool with our sweet niece is the best!

  42. I love visiting family, not having a schedule and lots of sunshine in the summer. Our favorite activities are swimming now that my oldest is able to do so on his own and riding horses. We like getting ice cream quite a bit as well!!

  43. Love this nursery. It would be so perfect for my 3 week old twin girls! So far my favourite activity to do with them is cuddle … And go for walks in the sunshine!

  44. We love going to get snow cones and watching live music outside. The farmers markets are also a fun weekend activity for us.

  45. its still just showing this message when I try to join:
    We’re sorry…

    We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later.

    I followed their blogs via email (or the options they gave) and then submitted that I follow them through GFC. I hope that counts! I will keep trying! I have been trying for a couple weeks now:(

  46. I actually just went and followed them all through bloglovin’. my name on their is Brittny Thompson! Thanks!!!

  47. I’m 7 months pregnant with my first baby. He will be almost a year next summer and I would love to take him to a zoo or animal park.

  48. I am currently pregnant with my first, so I haven’t yet had a summer with kids of my own. I think just taking them to the pool during the summer or a fun museum would be awesome!

  49. Oh, and I guess I don’t know what my favourite thing is to do with my kids because I don’t have any yet x) this is my first one!

  50. Our newest favorite summer adventure is going to the local farms and picking fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries! We make all kinds of yummy treats with them, including blueberry ice cubes! 🙂

  51. My sister just had a little one last year and is expecting another later this year! This would be exceptional for her new baby room. As a proud Auntie, I would love to gift this wonderful prize package to them. 🙂

  52. My family and I love doing activities outside, we do bbq’s, we walk, we hike, we love the beutiful mountains of Utah we try spend as much time as we can as family! The best way to build memories!

  53. I have two very active toddlers (3yrs and 22 months) and another baby on the way, so anything to keep cool this summer is on our list! We love our local splash pad and swimming in the pool!

  54. I have a 4 year old (girl) and 2 year old (boy) and we love going for walks, going to the park, swimming, teaching the kids new sports and watching movies on rainy days. This is the best giveaway!! Thank you

  55. My 4 month old LOVES spending his first summer in the pool and in his baby bjorn out for early evening strolls – PS this giveaway is AMAAAZING !!!!!

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