VOTE NOW CLOSED- Thank you for helping us pick our 5th kids room makeover winner! SEE OUR WINNER NOW!

Announcing our Grand PRIZE WINNER for this amazing modern vintage kids space! Congratulations to Shavonne and Haven Updike from Arizona!  You are the grand prize winners of our kids room makeover!  We will email you some details shortly…as well we congratulate the other 3 contestants for winning some other awesome prizes from Carousel New York, Salt City Emporium, Hello Tosha and Made by Mary with Love, and Sonnet James!  We will email you the specific details of your prize shortly.


We are excited to include you all in helping us pick the final winner of the  5th Destination Nursery  kids room makeover series!  This grand prize is a modern vintage inspired space for either a baby or child. A special thanks to Beauty Glam Now for presenting the contest with us plus our amazing sponsors who have made this giveaway possible! Please vote below…



lovely sponsors for our 5th kids room makeover

Voting instructions:

You may vote for as many contestants as you want…the only stipulation, you may only VOTE 10x per contestant per day. Once you vote, the voting system will reset within an hour to let you vote for that person again.

…you must put in a valid email address each time you vote.…ONLY one valid email may be used per person, multiple emails used to stack votes is prohibited.

We will closely monitor the votes and all the behind the scenes details each day to make sure all is going as it should….let us know if you have any questions 🙂

Once you finish voting be sure to  VISIT our @destinationnursery instagram page to LIKE your favorite semi-finalist’s pictures  in our IG feed.  (Please REPOST & Share to help spread the word!) Their total LIKES will also be counted toward their final score!

Also be sure to watch their videos below, the number of Views will also count toward their final score…however the voting below will hold the most weight so make sure you come back often to help them each day 🙂

LAST…Head on over to our Destination Nursery Face Book Fan Page, we would love for you to LIKE our page then LIKE your favorite Picture/Video too.  (Please Share to help us spread the word…you may share up to 3x/day and it must be a public share(no spamming please)  These LIKES , comments and shares will also be counted toward their final score.

You may be asking why so many areas to VOTE?  well we figure this is a pretty big prize!! So in order to WIN its going to take some work 😉  Thanks so much for your support!

  • Voting Ends MONDAY April 7th  at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard time 
  • Winner Announced By TUESDAY April 8th

Check out the reveals of our first three winners! HERE,   HERE,  and HERE…we think they are amazing as well as the families who are now enjoying them!

WHO will be our next destination?   YOU can help us decide…


#1 Shavonne and 7 yr old daughter Haven from Arizona!

[yop_poll id=”23″]

#2 The Clements Family from Georgia!

[yop_poll id=”24″]

#3 Janet Choi and daughter Ella from California!

[yop_poll id=”25″]

#4 Daniela  and  Daughter Isabella from Florida!
[yop_poll id=”26″]



NOW Please don’t forget to LIKE their picture in our Instagram.. feed  as their score will also include your votes to their pictures as well as likes and comments to their facebook feature so…

LIKE us on Face book to LIKE their Picture/VIDEO leave us a comment and then share it with your friends to help spread the word! The more votes the better!

300 thoughts on “VOTE NOW CLOSED- Thank you for helping us pick our 5th kids room makeover winner! SEE OUR WINNER NOW!”

  1. Haven would LOVE to win and is just so excited at the the prospect of winning a bedroom makeover!!! Thanks do much for this opportunity Mom’s Best Network!

  2. I am Isabella’s mom and I am overwhelmed by my friends and family support! Win or lose you guys are the best. thanks!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity Moms best network! Fingers crossed!
    :):):) Go Isabella :):):)

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  4. Isabella is such a firecracker!!! I vote for Isabella! If my 2 little boys could they would vote over and over. Isa is so cute!

  5. Haven really is the #1 choice! This sweet little girl deserves to win a room makeover! She has a heart of gold!

  6. How can yo not vote for Isabella ?!!!! Cutest thing ever!!!! GOOOO Isabella!!!! We are rooting for You!

  7. Haven’s video is by far and away the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The lyrics are genius too! Haha. Still chuckling. Love that little diva. She’s got pipes too! I’m such a proud uncle! Go #1!

  8. We love you Haven! So proud of what an amazing person you are. Your example of love and kindness is more important than any contest or prizes. You have changed our lives forever. Love you forever and ever!

  9. Haven you should be the winner cause I say your good girl. Dang she got talent. Ya ‘ betta watch out you got a star up in here.

  10. Haha. That first video has got to be the cutest most hilarious video I’ve ever seen! She deserves to win. She’s worked hard for it and says she’ll even keep it clean! Haha. What a sweet girl.

  11. H to the A to the V to the E to the N!!! Haven just has to win this room after that performance! STANDING OVATION FOR THAT VOICE AND the creative words!!!

  12. Brrrrrrr….. is it me or was that version even cooler than elsa’s on the movie frozen!? GOOOOOOOOOO HAVEN LET IT SNOOOOOOW HAVEN!

  13. We love you Haven oh yes we do! We love you Haven and we’ll be true… when you’re not winning we’re blue! But Haven we love you!

  14. Isabella I dont know you but know your mom from the tournaments we played together…You are lucky and I bet she is too for having you in her life…Hope you both win this 🙂
    Besos from SPAIN!!!

  15. Haven what a sweet angel you are! Our whole family is rooting for you from New Zealand! Your voice is truly the purest thing the whole earth has ever heard! We love you!!!

    1. A very nearsighted comment…Actually the other 3 contestants worked their butts off to say the least to get the word out and the support they received was amazing! We closely monitored everything behind the scenes and there was no stacking of votes. We applaud everyone for their efforts…and they will each receive a prize regardless if they won the grand prize or not thank you 🙂

  16. Wow! Lots of people voting here. Great job to all the families. Best of luck to everyone. And you all have beautiful children and families!

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