Win a Custom Kids Room Design with Destination Nursery + Caitlin Wilson [&] more

Congratulations Maggie Holmes! You are the winner of our kid’s custom room design giveaway... she said, “I am needing to do a nursery and a room makeover for my girls so I am crossing my fingers! Would be amazing to win this and get one of those big to do items crossed off my list before baby comes!!”   We are over the moon excited for you!  please watch for our email with details. xxo

We are delighted to partner today with Caitlin Wilson to bring you this awesome room design giveaway!  One lucky mama will win a custom designed room for their baby or child w/decor items to fill that beautiful space!

This includes a beautiful 20 x 20 gallery wrapped print painting from Britt Bass, Custom Caitlin Wilson textile bedding by Fingers and Toes, + Custom Caitlin Wilson textile curtains from Windows by Melissa.  A fern living large metal toy basket + Lucky Boy Sunday stuffed toy from Baby Swag.  Then 3 perfect throw pillows of your choice from Catilin Wilson.  Now that’s amazing!   See links and details for entry below!

photo credit: Dana Tolbert Photography via Darling Darleen blog





To ENTER: click the entry links below 🙂
Win a Custom Kids Room Design with Destination Nursery + Caitlin Wilson [&] more

**Giveaway ends monday November 3 11:59 pm MST.


51 thoughts on “Win a Custom Kids Room Design with Destination Nursery + Caitlin Wilson [&] more”

  1. Absolutely in love with this giveaway!! To answer the giveaway prompt, I’m realizing more every day what a gift life is, especially since my husband has been going through chemo. My four little ones are so special to me and need me even more than ever! We’re trying to take advantage of the good days and spend time praising our kids and comforting them on the tough ones. There’s nothing more important in life than relationships and showing love, so we try not to become distracted by the less important things… And we always remember our mantra: Love is what we go through together!

  2. I would be forever grateful if you picked me as your contest winner:) I have 2 little boys ages 6 and 4 and a little 2 month old little girl. Your giveaway is amazing, and much appreciated by many. So awesome! So hope you pick me.:)

  3. I just make sure to always stop doing what I’m doing (surfing the net, cleaning, making dinner) whenever Fiona grabs my hand to play. I know these moments are short-lived.

  4. Everyday I take time to read to my little one. Reading seems to calm both of us and slow us down. Love Caitlin Wilson Designs. Used her coral bow fabric to make a crib dust ruffle for my daughters nursery. You all are so talented!!

  5. Every day I take time to ask my oldest, how school went, how her friends are doing, and if she needs homework help. With my son, we take time to read, color and go on walks during the day!

  6. I love to hear my kids laugh! Anything I can do during the day to make them laugh makes me happy! Tickling will always do the trick 🙂

  7. Would love to win this for my daughters nursery!! She has come a long way, born at 23 weeks & 4 days in Germany weighing only 1.2 lbs. 5 months in the NICU and is now a healthy 11lbs 🙂 Proud mommy! Everyday is a Blessing with my daughter & the best part of each day spent with her is when she recognizes my face & puts a big smile on her face 🙂

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!! Would be overjoyed if we were selected! I have 5 kids
    4 are in school and a little 3 year old girl at home with me , she doesn’t have her own room, she was in a crib in our closet and now is in our bed. It would help our family in lots of ways
    For her to have a room done just for her!! Thank you for this opportunity 🙂 wishing everybody
    Good luck!!!!

  9. Just being there with my boys and playing along with them in whatever they choose to play. Also preparing activities for us to do together as a family – park adventures, picnics, outdoor play time at home, etc.

  10. I live in the moment with my family by recognizing my baby’s favorite games and playing them often – reading books and playing airplane are two of his favorites!

  11. My babe is 16 months and honestly the first 6 months were H.A.R.D. We planned having a child, but it wasn’t easy for me to adjust to it all. I usually am able to cherish moments with her when I remind myself that A. she’s just a baby, there’s no need to get frustrated and B. I LOVE LOVE seeing her try new things and the wonder at everything being a new experience. It’s quite magical!

  12. Oh my goodness!!! DREAM!!! Baby number 4 has a most pathetic nursery ever. Just moved and I can’t make a decision to save my sole with so many other things pulling me in so many directions. Oye! Fingers crossed that I win! I’d die!!!!

  13. What a fantastic giveaway! I have a friend who is expecting and this would be so awesome to win some new things for her nursery!!

  14. Would LOVE to win this! We are in the midst of transitioning my daughter’s room from baby to “big girl”, and this would be incredible! Love Caitlin’s style, and like I said, this would be SO wonderful!

  15. By being available, willing to listen, show her and making time to play and always letting her know how much I live and how special she is. My favorite thing to do with her is craft. 🙂

  16. I would love to win for my bebes and to give my hubby a break from all the madness if decorating our home! Beautiful blog!

  17. Such a great giveaway! I am needing to do a nursery and a room makeover for my girls so I am crossing my fingers! Would be amazing to win this and get one of those big to do items crossed off my list before baby comes!!

  18. Total perfection! Somehow you took exactly what has been in my mind of how I want my daughter’s room and made it real–so lovely!

  19. What a dream come true for my sweet baby Cosette and I while my hubby is getting his masters and we are starving students!

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