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HOT PRODUCT Winners Ultimate Mama Giveaway

250 thoughts on “HOT PRODUCT Winners Ultimate MAMA Giveaway! CLOSED….WINNERS ANNOUNCED”

  1. I’m not sure what my ultimate joy is yet, as I’m patiently waiting for my son to arrive in July. I can imagine the joy in watching him discover the world.

  2. We tried for so many years and now that our little boy is here I’m simply enjoying his sweet presence. There’s an unspoken love that you can just feel. It’s the best!

  3. I love being able to see every new thing my children learn whether it’s a new word, song, or simply comprehending something in a new way!

  4. When I look back in the car mirror and see Luna smiling back at me, I love her smile. It melts me!!

  5. The biggest joy about being a mom is having my little man smile at me. His smile can melt away any worries or stress I may be having.

  6. I love his gummy smile while exploring EVERYTHING! It’s so fun learning and growing with him. I love the cuddles at bedtime too. Being a mom is literally the best thing on this planet!

  7. I am newly pregnant after 2 1/2 years of infertility and 1 chemical pregnancy after a fresh round of IVF. My biggest joy is simply the knowledge that I AM a mother and have a miracle(s)? growing inside me after all this time! <3

  8. My ultimate joy is seeing my baby smile up at me while nursing with complete adoration. I love his one dimpled grin!

  9. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m so excited to rediscover the world through his eyes, and witness true innocence.

  10. My ultimate joy as a mother is watching my kids grow, seeing their smiles and hearing them laugh, and watching them learn new things all the time. Also getting hugs and cuddles from them is the best. 🙂

  11. My Ultimate Joy of being a mother is teaching these wonderful little ones to be great people! I just want my children to be loving and caring towards everyone! Be the love this world needs!

  12. My greatest joy as a mother is seeing my two children smile each day and seeing them find joy in the world around them.

  13. The biggest joy about being a mom is seeing your kids smile and enjoy life. I love watching my toddler taking pleasure in the small things and I love watching my baby smile and laugh

  14. My greatest joy is reliving my own childhood and the wonder of it all through my child’s eyes. Makes me feel like a kid again but it’s so much more rewarding this time around

  15. The ultimate joy of being a mother is feeling an overwhelming amount of love for this tiny bei ng that you have created. No matter what they do or who they become, you will love them more than anything in the world.

  16. There are SO many joys, but the biggest joy is simply the honor of being my daughter’s mother..I get to be the lucky mama to watch her grow up and become the young lady God intended her to be! Truly the greatest gift I’ve ever received!

  17. My ultimate joy of being a mom is just having her in general. After years of infertility and miscarriages I couldn’t enjoy being a mom more than I already do. When she tells me she loves me my heart almost explodes!

  18. As we wait for the arrival of our first, my greatest joy is thinking about the life we’ve created and the endless possibilities their life will hold.

  19. My ultimate joy of being a mom is watching my children bond together, I have 3 year old twins and a newborn so the twin bond is amazing but top that with a sweet new baby, and watching them snuggle, try to help, and just beg to be near him totally warms my heart.

  20. I’m expecting my first in August and have so much to buy still, this would be amazing to be able to win some of those things 🙂

  21. This is an incredible giveaway! I’m always inspired by mom’s who have businesses, and I love shopping small! I’m excited to get to know a lot of these bloggers and brands through the loop giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  22. My Ultimate joy in being a mom is growing into a better mom by learning from my two baby girls.. Sofia 3yrs old and Su’e 16months old. They have both brought joy into my life and taught me what true love is. They have both made me believe in being a mom is hard work, lots of patience, putting their needs before mine, long nights with no sleep, sacrifice more than I thought I’m capable of, and least but not last is Having unconditional love for them and Always be there when they need me.

  23. My kids would love it! I have a 2 year old son and a 1year old daughter aka twins hehe. I love being a mama to them and learning so much everyday. Kids are so smart and I love that I get to watch them grown n love each other so much.
    Love Yessi

  24. I love watching my daughter discover this amazing world. And just learning and growing. They grow up way too fast!!

  25. My ultimate joy as “Mom” is watching my five boys grow and learn. I love everything about these amazing kiddos and I’m so proud to be their Mom. They’re the most loving, caring, giving, smart, handsome, and funny children. They amaze me everyday.

  26. My ultimate mom moment is when my special needs son, who’s nonverbal and has difficultly emotionally connecting will randomly lean in to give me a sloppy wet kiss 🙂 I live for those moments!

  27. Having grown up as an only child, seeing the love my two daughters (even tho they are only 3 and 8 months) have for each other is amazing. Whenever I think it is hard I imagine them in the future sharing and playing and it just melts my heart!!

  28. Thank u so much for this unbelievable giveaway!!!
    i would be so happy if i’ll win so i could share
    all this amazing stuff with my babies and with my best friend who is expecting a baby!!!
    Thanks again and Gid bless!!!

  29. Ultimate joy of my first year in motherhood: Witnessing the little human my husband and I created being outgoing and exploring the world and people around her. Seeing the happiness she gets from the smallest things and trying to remember that throughout my days. It’s about the small things, not always the big things in life that are most important.

  30. I’ve wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember. It’s a joy everyday waking up to my sweet baby!

  31. I have a 4 month old but I’d win this for my friend she has a 1 year old with a unplanned baby #2 I hope her second pregnancy goes better then her first

  32. My ultimate joy as a mother seeing all the accomplishments/milestones he achieves. Something as “insignificant” as learning to clap hands has brought a ridiculous amount of joy for me.

  33. My ULTIMATE joy as a mother is having a little best friend to be with me at all times! She just gets me

  34. My ultimate joy as a mother is seeing the twinkle in my daughters eyes when she says, “I love you mama!”

  35. How can I pick my ultimate joy as a mother… I am always speechless by the love I feel for this little human every day.

  36. I’m new to motherhood and didn’t know the true joy it would give me. I feel like I’ve been missing this my whole life, it’s amazing! That’s why I’m already expecting the second one this November ❤

  37. My ultimate joy as a mother is simply having the INCREDIBLE blessing of living out my calling in life to be a mother to my three amazing kids.

  38. my ultimate joy is being blessed with my children. Especially watching my baby grow and learning something little by little and maturing:)

  39. I am a new mother and love every smile that comes with it. I never knew how full my heart could be until my little princess cuddled up in my arms. She makes me content and brings me the more happiness than I could ever dream of. I would love to share these products with her <3

  40. My greatest joy as a mother is watching my baby develop! My baby is 9 months old and I have had the most fun and joy watching her learn herself and new abilities. The excitement and pride on her face when she knows she has accomplished and discovered something new, is the GREATEST joy and reward as a mother.

  41. Seeing my kids grow and change and develop a love and caring for one another. Also, those sweet snuggles and kisses 🙂

  42. My first baby is due in August, but she already brings me ultimate joy!! Feeling her little kicks all day make me so happy! I can’t wait to hold my baby girl!! She is my ultimate joy!

  43. Both of my babies are in heaven, and knowing that they are healed and whole with Jesus is my ultimate joy.

  44. My ultimate joy as a mother would have to be the opportunity to love the adorable children I’ve been blessed to help bring into this world!

  45. My ultimate joy is in guiding my little ones and seeing them spread joy of their own. I learn more about life, myself, and this world from them and every time there’s a moment of “THIS is the best age…” I also hear another voice saying “You just wait.” Turns out that every age is my favourite age so far.

  46. There is nothing like being his favorite, His dad is his hero, and I make everything better. Seeing that in him is the best feeling. Love love love it!

  47. My little one is 6 weeks old and I’m loving every minute being her mommy. This prize package would be the ultimate gift and I would love to have any of the items!

  48. My ultimate joy as a mom is seeing their little individual personalities develop! I love seeing what makes them unique and different. I also love sharing new experiences and seeing their joy through a fresh pair of eyes!

  49. My daughter is my happiness just seeing her grow and with her about to become a big sister it brings me joy and excitement of all the new adventures that await

  50. I would love to win this awesome giveaway i didnt have a babyshower so what better way to await and welcome baby girl

  51. My ultimate joy as a mother has been watching my son grow up and to be there for every step! I love watching him learn and seeing him “grasp” ideas and thoughts. It’s amazing watching them grow. We also get to welcome our little MIRACLE baby girl into the world in just few more months

  52. seeing my kids grow right before my eyes are such a huge happiness and accomplishment for me as a mom specially being a single mom – i feel very proud that i raised my kids on my own and see them happy.

  53. my ultimate joy as a mother is being with my kids day and night and witnessed them grow to this amazing person. I also love it when my baby looks at me in such a very sweet way that makes me feel that i am loved unconditionally with this tiny person day and night. also being called MOM and hearing my eldest tell me I love you sure is one of the ultimate joy as a mother for me.

  54. My ultimate joy as a mom is watching my two little enjoy and learn new things. It’s like experiencing things I’ve already done for the first time all over again, through them.

  55. Ultimate joy is seeing my son figuring out how to do new things (going down the stairs by himself, learning how to stack blocks, etc) and the pride and happiness it gives him. Also, of course, making him laugh!

  56. My ultimate joy as a mother, as simple as it sounds, is just hearing the sweet sound of my children laughing (especially when you are the one causing the giggles!). There is seriously no other sound like it, absolutely heavenly!! Im sure several of these prizes would put some big beautiful smiles and laughs on their faces 🙂

  57. My ultimate joy is watching my 2 sweet boys grow and watching them learn and do new things! I LOVE the new and funny things they say & knowing that they love me unconditionally no matter what!

  58. My ultimate joy as a mother was bringing my newborn preemie home after he was 5 weeks in the hospital. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world!

  59. I get the best feeling when my boy looks up at me while breastfeeding. We lock eyes, and I know at that exact moment he loves me for feeding him.

  60. My ultimate joy as a mother is watching my children experience new things. They absorb everything around them and are amazed by the world. I love it!

  61. My ultimate joy is being able to care for my children and see them grow up and making the best memories <3

  62. My ultimate joy as a mother is watching my son grow and develop into the sweet godly boy I know he is. Also, watching him learn and hearing his first words!

  63. My ultimate joy is seeing my son smile and laugh:) and that I am pregnant with baby number 2. I can’t wait to have her be here, and have my son and daughter together. And our lives with be complete. Ultimate joy and happiness!!!

  64. AHHHHH!!! I hope I win!! This is amazing! We’ve been blessed with a beautiful girl after 2 years of trying! Who wouldn’t want to get an amazing package, regardless of anyones story?!

  65. My favorite joy as a mother is seeing my 2 month old smile at me… Everything about motherhood is wonderful though. Even the hard stuff is beautiful in the end.

  66. After over a year of trying to have a baby – we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. He is the light and joy of my life! He has brought more peace and happiness than I could have ever imagined! My husband and I think to ourselves constantly how lucky we are to be his parents. I love picking him up from his crib after a nap and hearing “momma, momma, momma!” – it is the most adorable sound!

  67. my ultimate joy has been watching the bond grow between my two boys and their excitement over a new baby on the way!

  68. The joy in my life is being surrounded by my three children and my loving husband. Coming home to them after a long day beat everything in the world <3

  69. My favorite part about being a mom is seeing my sweet babies smile and feeling all of the unconditional love I have for him.

  70. My ultimate joy as a mother is watching my daughter grow to be respectful and know right from wrong. To see her excitement to share with me her accomplishments from each day!

  71. My joyous moment when it comes to being a mom is hitting each Milestone and it just brightens up our faces, that and my husbands.

  72. My ultimate joy is waking up to my son’s smiling face, him ready to play. It is watching my little one meet all of his milestones, and grow into the sweet, highly intelligent person he is.

  73. My ultimate joy as a mother is when my sweet baby boy puts his hands on my face and gives me a big sloppy kiss- there’s nothing better!! I can’t wait to welcome a baby girl into our family in August and feel more love and joy as a mommy of two!

  74. My greatest joy is seeing my babies set the perfect example for me. When they are kind, sharing, thoughtful, loving. I hope to be like them. Just 2 weeks ago I lost our 3 baby through miscarriage and it was heartbreaking because I had already felt so much joy from that little one growing inside me. We are now trying again and I am grateful for the chance to be a mother. It is a great responsibility and a great blessing.

  75. My ultimate joy in being a mom is seeing my kids happy and healthy and doing the things that make them feel happy.


  77. My ultimate joy as a mother so far has been feeling my baby grow and move inside me. I’m excited to find out what other joys my baby will bring once she arrives!

  78. I am actually currently pregnant and due today! My greatest joy has been knowing my ability to create a life and I can’t wait to see what it holds for her!

  79. Wow what a fabulous selection of gifts. Winning this would make it possible to add to our family sooner!

  80. my biggest joy is when she smiles and laughs. she just cracks me up and i love seeing her joie de vivre every day.

  81. My ultimate joy is watching my 18 month old daughter squeal, giggle with delight and run to the door when her daddy gets home from work! she adores him and it melts my heart.

  82. My ultimate joy is watching all 4 of my kids reach milestones. Each one they reach makes me want to pat myself on the back because no matter how bad I think I am doing as a mom, they are thriving

  83. Ultimate joy is definitely knowing that each day I am doing the most productive and accomplishing task- that of being a mother.

  84. My ultimate joy is simply when my daughter wakes up in morning and runs downstairs, throwing her arms out to me, saying Mamma! It’s like she thinks it Christmas every morning and makes me feel so good!

  85. MY ultimate joy is seeing them happy and succeeding. I have a lived with a husband who has not been very helpful and I’ve had to raise them on my own. And to see them happy and living life to the fullest is very rewarding to me. I would do anything for them and I want to enjoy life!

  86. Being able to give life to a smaller version of yourself and share all the things you’ve learned in life so that they can grow and become better than oneself. Plus all the perks that it brings with all the love that just overflows with every new experience they have.

  87. My hubby and I are waiting for our Baby Boy Tristan to arrive in July, 2 days after our 2 year wedding anniversary(July 13th). We can’t wait to see his beautiful face! We just went back home to California where my mom hosted our beautiful baby shower. We feel so blessed! 🙂

  88. My ultimate joy as a mother is every single kiss, hug and “I love you” that I receive from my 2 little ladies

  89. I just love it when my baby rests his head on my shoulder. It just melts my heart and lets me know I am doing a good job.

  90. My ultimate joy is just having my boys in my life. From the first time I held them I know my life was richer with them in it.

  91. My ultimate joy of being a mother is just that – being a mother! What an incredible blessing! I love to watch my boys learn, explore, develop, grow, form their own thoughts and opinions, the hugs, cuddles and kisses are always a joy! 🙂

  92. To me as a first time mom with a 2 month old, I have so much to learn and experience as a parent. There are times when I feel like I am already failing at being a mom but when my baby boy gives me the biggest smile that stretches from ear to ear, that is my joy. He makes me try harder every day to be a better mom.

  93. I love hearing my kids play together and be kind to each other without being told. on my birthday, I was trying to get a shot of the kids standing together on a rock. the boys held tight to their little sister so she wouldn’t fall and the all smiled. it was a proud moment

  94. My ultimate joy is to be able to teach two little girls and also learn all the things they teach me! To see the world through their eyes is so refreshing and I love it!

  95. my ultimate joy as a father will be playing with our son! I can’t wait to throw around a baseball with our son and playing catch.

  96. My ultimate joy is watching my kids grow and learn, just seeing the excitement in their eyes every time they see something new is amazing. Finished the loop.

  97. I’m still waiting for my little joy to arrive, but s/he will be here soon, then I will know for sure.

  98. Such a wonderful giveaway! Can not wait to meet my baby girl in July! Officially 30 weeks yesterday!!

  99. My ultimate joy as a mother of my toddler boy & soon to be mother again of another baby boy this July is definitely seeing all the milestones he’s accomplished and to witness his innocent, happy heart every day. We as adults become a little jaded & it’s wonderful to see the world through your child because it reminds you how innocent & pure love is. I can’t wait to also see the love of brothers once my 2nd baby boy arrives 🙂

  100. I experience ultimate joy of being a mother in the mornings right when my little girl wakes up. She is so happy and loves to snuggle with us. She laughs and talks and plays and that sweet voice just melts my heart!

  101. Such an amazing giveaway! Wouldn’t come at a better time as I’m 2 months pregnant with my third kiddo!!!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  102. I love bedtime. After 2 books, I get sweet kisses through the bars and over the rail hugs. I love that he wants me to sing him to sleep on the rough days, holding my hand through the rails or cuddled up with my growing belly. Can’t wait for double the joy at bedtime with my second boy due on his big brother’s second birthday!

  103. I love seeing my 5 year old daughter and 6 month old daughter laughing together. That’s seriously the ultimate joy of being a mom.

  104. My ultimate joy is seeing my children grow and change and learn to love and give ~ they are constantly teaching me things, too.

  105. My ultimate joy is watching my babies grow and seeing the individuals they are becoming. Every time they are happy that brings me joy! Completed the loop on instagram.

  106. My ultimate joy is finally getting a house for our family to make our own. I get to decorate both the odd own room finally! I am so excited! July can’t get here fast enough. We are done sharing one room!

  107. My ultimate joy is preparing for life with my baby, coming at the end of October! Can’t wait to meet him/her and get to experience life as a mom 🙂

  108. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing my baby giggle and joining him in wholehearted laughter. Most of the time I don’t understand what’s so funny but just hearing and seeing his reaction instantaneously changes my mood.

  109. My ultimate joy as a mother is seeing my 4 kids love and play with each other. I hope they can maintain these special bonds forever.

  110. My greates joy as a mother is watching my children learn and grow everyday into independent individuals.

  111. I love seeing her flash her huge gummy smile and hearing her cute little giggles. It’s so much fun watching her grow and learn!

  112. My ultimate joy is just seeing my baby boy become more aware of the world around him and seeing him stare at things with such awe and wonder. It really reminds me to slow down and acknowledge what incredible blessings are right in front of me! It’s pretty incredible that a 6 month old baby can be teaching ME to be thankful and mindful…but he definitely is!

  113. The ultimate joy, is hearing the laughter and giggles from my son. There is no better sound in the world, but pure, innocent, happiness!

  114. My ultimate joy as a mother is watching my six month old boy giggle and laugh each day while we play with him.

  115. I think as Mom’s we can all understand that our Ultimate Joy is our children! That is mine at least, my 3 sweet darling boys and my little girl on the way, bring me Joy i could never have imagined.
    This would be a great bday present for me (mine was on friday) and I would love to actually be prepared for my July baby.

  116. My ultimate joy is listening to my two year old identify all her letters and count to 15 in Spanish. So far my two week old brings me joy when he shares those little gassy smiles while looking into my eyes.

  117. So far I love feeling her move! It’s amazing to see my stomach move with her and the little kicks I get!

  118. My ultimate joy in motherhood is seeing the smiles on my daughters face. They melt away all the stress, tiredness, worry.

  119. My ultimate joy is seeing her wake up everyday full of energy and ready to discover the world once again with a big smile on her face! Love every minute of it!!!

  120. My ultimate joy is just embracing the simple
    things in childhood…I have three littles, Aidan
    age (10) Ava (7) & Liam (15 months).
    I am a full time SAHM and love every minute!
    I am thankful to experience each
    milestone and watch first-hand, as their
    little personalities unfold♥️ I embrace
    the #momlife 100%!

  121. My ultimate joy is to nurture my children and see them grow. In the process, I am also growing and learning and improving. I also love snuggling with them!

  122. I can’t narrow down my ultimate joy but I love when she wants to just cuddle me. Lately she has only wanted her mommy and daddy and no one else and I’m not going to lie, I love that she prefers us at this moment and snuggles so close once she gets us.

  123. My ultimate joy is when my little boy laughs or does something with confidence. I want to raise a son who has character and is brave enough to pursue anything. When I see him find joy in a funny cartoon or a new book, it reminds me that life is about the little things.

  124. My ultimate joy as a mother is seeing how happy and healthy my daughter is. I love seeing her her running, laughing, and ready to give hugs and kisses.

  125. There are so many joys that it’s hard to put into words, but watching my son grow and watching the world through his eyes, reminds me that life is beautiful and every day should be cherished. We are having our second (a baby girl) in August and we cannot wait for all of her firsts! 🙂

  126. I am so grateful for blogs like this and the mama Instagram world! I am working on baby number 2, and even in just a few years all the products that are created and improved on make motherhood better in so many ways.

  127. this would be the ultimate gift and blessing with our new addition to the family! my husband is a marine and we are stationed 18 hours from family so no baby shower! the ultimate joy is when your child does the smallest thing and it makes you feel like everything you’re doing is right.

  128. My ultimate joy as a mom is watching my babies experience things for the first time. Seeing the joy on their faces makes my mama heart so happy and reminds me to slow down and admire the beauty in thE little things.

  129. So far, the ultimate joy of being a mother is seeing my baby smile! It’s so infectious! She’s only 3 months so I’m looking forward to being able to play with her and share her first-time experiences. Also, I love when my baby, my husband, and I (okay, and our dog!) are all together in the moment, that’s a pretty joyous time 🙂

  130. The ultimate joy of being a mom is helping my kids discover their world and navigate life as they get older.

  131. Watching my 2 yo love and comfort his sister, hugging her and telling her IT’S OKAY. YOU OKAY, IM HERE, YOU OKAY, I HOLD YOU.

  132. My ultimate joy as a mother is seeing how happy my children are, from their smiles to their laughs. It is the best thing.

  133. Being a new mama of a two week old, I find the most joyous time to be when she is asleep because she is at such peace and so happy 🙂

  134. My greatest Joy is being a Mother to my beautiful son and daughter. I’d love to win some items from these amazing shops/companies… What a treat that would be for me and my little family!

  135. The ultimate motherhood joy for me is simply the gift of the opportunity to be mom. Becoming a mother has rounded out my edges…my daughter makes me a better person every day! Xo!!

  136. My ultimate joy came not when I discovered I was pregnant, not even when my daughter was born, but each new day proves a greater joy than those moments, as I get to learn more of the depths of who she is, and even learning my own heart as her mom. Now, I can find joy in the knowing this love will increase with any future children I have. It’s a crazy, wonderful,and unique to parenthood joy!

  137. There are many things that bring joy by being a mommy, but the greatest joy is holding my children and sharing the love I have for them.

  138. My ultimate joy as a mother is getting the chance to be a part of a life that means more to you than anything else in the world including your own. Those little kisses & I love you’s are the best reminders of that joy ❤️.

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