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ultimate hot product winners giveaway

ultimate hot product winners giveaway


  1. Love!! My favorite memory with my mom is drive across country blaring country music and singing along to every word! !

  2. My favorite memory of my mom is her leading Bible studies, snacks, and crafts for “girls club” in grade school. And that was before Pinterest!

  3. My favorite mommy memory is when they first laid my son on my chest after hours of pushing. The first time he looked into my eyes is the best memory I will never forget

  4. Favorite memory with my momma will always be quiet mornings drinking coffee together and watching the birds in the backyard.

  5. This would be amazing! My favorite memory with my mom is having our to NSYNC on the way home from my gymnastics meets so we didn’t fall asleep 🙂

  6. My favorite memory of my mom has to be the way she always made us feel special on our birthdays. She would take us out of school early on our special day and take us out to lunch anywhere we chose and spoil us for the day .

  7. My favorite memory of my mother would be our annual school shopping trip. She would take my sisters and I to the mall. She would give us a budget and it was up to us how we spent it. Then we would end the day with lunch at Friendly’s.

  8. Favourite memory of my mom was how happy she was when she used to bake, cook and pickle food. She has since been in a car accident and can no longer do those things. So many memories hanging out in the “freezer room” and eating jars of cherries.

    1. What a great example she is for you…now you have the chance to cook and bake and pickle food. Taking some to her :)xxo What a beautiful mother!

  9. My favorite memory with my mom is when we use to go the Hunting Library and Gardens. We would enjoy walking around the beautiful lush gardens and look at all the different varieties of flowers. It is a nice memory to have of her because she passed away last year. My mom loved plants and flowers.

  10. At this point, I would have to say ANY memory of my mother is my favorite. She died when I was in high school, but I really just love all the summer’s we spent together at the water park and how she always put my brother and I first. I get it now !

    1. crazy how we have to experience life to appreciate some things about our mothers, now you are experiencing that same blessing of putting your children first. You have an angel mama watching over you.

  11. My favorite memory of my momma was at my wedding. I sat as she did my hair and we just talked about how we got to that day. Someone snuck a photo and it’s my favorite too look at and cherish.

  12. My favorite memory with my mom was just last month! When she was able to attend the birth of my son, and calmed me by pouring water on my back while I labored in the tub. It was beautiful! I love being a mama with her!

  13. My favorite memory of my mom is dancing around the living room to Jessie’s Girl… still one of my favorite songs.

  14. My favorite memory is the first time she ever smiled at me. To this day that’s what I love looking forward to every morning!

  15. My favorite memory of my Mother? She taught me to bake, cook, sew! She put on the most amazing parties.. such an array of food! And I remember all the dresses she made me. I enjoyed learning it all. Thanks Mom.

  16. One of my favorite memories of my mother is listening to her sing while she cleaned. Our daily walks with all my sisters are something I won’t ever forget too!

  17. Sharing breakfast and coffee with my mom since I was little until now that I have my own family will always be my favorite memories of my mom.

  18. My mom always made everyone around her fell comfortable and included and that is one of my favorite memories about her is that I always felt at peace when she was around.

  19. My mum lives in Scotland and I’m in the US. My favorite memory is the last time we were there to visit 2 years ago. The distance has brought a new level of closeness between us and we walked hand in hand through the airport as we (my husband and I) prepared to fly back to the US. I would LOVE to win this as I prepare to become a first time mum in under 5 weeks!!

  20. My fav memory of my mother is her always making homemade icecream and cake for us every sunday. Always a good treat to look forward to.

  21. My favorite memory was when I got to surprise my mum. Hadn’t seen her in 3 years due to living 5000 miles away and I took a surprise trip and had my step dad make sure she opened the door. Was by far the sweetest mummy daughter moment in my life. Now she’s coming to America to be my birthing partner as I give birth for the first time in 2 weeks. She’s beyond excited and so am I, a very special moment we get to share for life.

  22. My mom was/is always there for her kids and grandchildren. I don’t have one favorite memory. But when my husband was unable to make the delivery of our first baby, my mom was there with me. She stayed with me, although she was uncomfortable, and then she drive 4 hrs to pick up my husband and bring him to the hospital.

  23. My favorite memories are from our annual beach trips that we would go on with our cousins. They basically just let us have non-stop fun and we really lived it up as kids.

  24. My mom had 6 kids, so five siblings. She always made special time for each one of us. My most memorable moment with my mom was when she would paint my toenails and we would just sit and chat…

  25. My favorite memory with my mom was when we would take long walks together with our dog. We would take about so many things and I’m thankful that she is in my life.

  26. My favorite memory with my mother is helping her in the kitchen while we prepared a meal for the many dinners we would host in our small home.

  27. Due in 3 weeks or less! One of my favorite memories of my mom was that she was able to be there with me for my daughters emergency c-section. I loved seeing her reaction of becoming a grandparent!

  28. My favorite memories of my mom are her teaching me how to quilt. I actually learned so I could make a quilt out of my daughter’s onesies.

  29. I followed @shoreandsunshine on IG but the widget won’t let me collect that last entry. I’m @momtofiona on IG.

    1. no worries sometimes the insta algorithm only allows so many at a time try again another time and it should work but if not no problem, we have you info you just gave thank you!

  30. Oh, would love to win all this great stuff!!
    Favourtie memory of mom is her helping me get ready on my Wedding day

  31. My favorite memory of my mom is going to music festivals when I was younger and being carefree and hula hooping together while listening to great music.

  32. My favorite mommy memory is when my mom would comfort me during fearful night terrors no matter the time or how tired she was. She never complained.

  33. My favorite memory of my mother is when I was little and she was a stay at home mom and we would go to the park and pool almost every day of the summer.

  34. Watching my mom become a grandma has to be the best! I never truly appreciated all she did for us growing up, but to see the joy she brings my daughter, is THE BEST!

  35. My favorite memory is the song she would sing to me that was meant for me. It meant a lot and still has a special memory in my heart♡

  36. My favorite memory of my mom is when she would put on her favorite music and sing her heart out. I would be right there with her, her little backup singer 🙂

  37. My favorite memory of my mother was her smell. It was unique to her and made me feel safe. I hope my children have a similar feeling with me.

  38. This is such a great giveaway with amazing products! I’m expecting baby #2 and some of these items are already on my wish list. It would be a dream to win!

  39. My favorite memory of my mom is when we would do things together as a family because my mom didn’t join us very often.

  40. Wow! So many amazing companies all wrapped into one giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win so many amazing products!

  41. My favorite memory of my mom is when she used to coach my soccer team… A great way to spend some time with her

  42. I’m not sure I have a favorite memory. I cherish them all! I guess if I had to pick, it was seeing her at my wedding!

  43. I don’t have just one favorite memory with my mother. She is my role model and my friend. Every moment spent with her is my favorite memory!

  44. If I had to pick one, it would be when I had to get surgery and was in recovery. I was already in 5th grade, thinking I was all grown up, but I was so scared that time. My mom started singing to me as I lay in bed, and I felt all better immediately!

  45. My favorite memory growing up is my mom playing bohemian rhapsody on the piano! She is shy to play in front of others but had no choice but to play for her kids. I loved singing it at the top of my lungs and my mom letting us be loud for that moment!

  46. My best memories were sitting and talking about life and everything in between. Cherish the moment in which the go fast. Great giveaway BTW ❤❤

  47. My favorite memory with my mom is when my sister and I were little we would snuggle up with my mom at night on the couch and fight over who got to sit in her “pocket” which was closest to her.

  48. My favorite memory of my mother is when she had her little green standard car that would give out a lot, she brought me and my two older sisters eat and when we were done we went to the car and of course it didn’t start and in order for it to start it needed a little jump start by someone in the driver seat and someone pushing.
    Sure enough my mom had all three of us pushing the car in the parking lot, talk about embarrassing, so as my mom is doing circles in the lot from us pushing it I was like hold up here it should’ve started by now, I quit, then my oldest sister quit bc she caught on to what my mom was doing.. There’s my middle sister pushing the car by herself still as my mom was still going in circles with the car laughing hysterically and by this time I was laughing too. I’ll never forget that, it was so funny and embarrassing at the same time.

  49. My favorite memory of my mother is how she always has a forgiving and loving heart towards me! She never stopped loving me even when I did not deserve it!

  50. My favorite memory of my mother is her being there when both of my children were born. I will always remember the love and look in her eyes before I went back to surgery. She also named both of them. Kaiden and Jaxon.

  51. I have too many favorite memories with my mom! She has been such an amazing mother to my sister and I (& now grandmother to my little girl & another arriving any day now!) She goes above and beyond to make us happy & will do absolutely anything for us! I hope I am half the mom she is to my children!

  52. “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures.” My favourite memories of my mother are days with her spent just like that. A hot cup of coffee & a good conversation.

  53. This would be amazing to win!! And my favorite memory of my mom is when we would ride the Ferris wheel in California Adventure, and she would laugh and laugh.. That, and fireworks on New Years, they’re her favorite 🙂

  54. I have soooo many priceless memories with my Mom, but the first one that pops in my head is waking every holiday to homemade donuts. She always knows exactly what to do to make any occasion perfect with just the simplest of jesters. Yeah, I love my Mom.

  55. My favorite memory ever is of my grandmother holding my daughters hands in each of her own and walking the beach. I didn’t take a picture but that is in my mind for eternity. Just found out were due in Jan 2017. It’s been 14 years since my baby was a baby. Would be so grateful for all these goodies.

  56. We would love to win!!! This is our 3rd child due in October! We have 2 beautiful girls and 1 boy on the way! Life had thrown us many challenges and we’ve overcome them all! Without my husband being a firefighter and myself an EMT our days get very hectic! This is s great giveaway and I’d be more than grateful to win!

  57. This is such an amazing giveaway! I’m SO love that you only included real baby related products that I’ll actually enjoy following. We have a two year old little girl and are expecting our baby boy in 6 weeks! Xoxo.

  58. This is a wonderful giveaway you’re doing! I’m due June 8th with our first baby! We’re having a boy and naming him Jace Scott Bottoms after his dad (Scott) and dads best friend he lost while overseas. (Jace, meaning moon in native american, his friend was Christopher Moon) we are currently stationed in Alaska and finding brand name products up here is next to impossible! We have to order nearly everything online and it costs a mini fortune! We would be so grateful to win this giveaway!

  59. Oh! And my favorite memory of my mom is her tucking me into bed at night and singing me “you are my sunshine”. There are so many memories I love of her but that has to be my most peaceful and loving memory. She’s so excited to be a grandma!

  60. It’s so hard to pick just one favorite memory my mother and I share. She is not only my mother, but my best friend. I honestly can say I can go to her for everything; and that to me is the epitome of what a mother should be. My favorite memories with her are the every day thIngs we do together; from running errands, to cooking dinner. The simple things in life are the most precious. I can not wait to be a mother and watch my mom become a grandmother. A new chapter is truly unfolding. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to win such great gear!

  61. My favorite ‘mom’ery 😉 is when my mom used to drive my sister and I around town and we would pick out our dream houses and make up stories about how our lives would turn out. Thankful for a mom that challenged us to dream. My life is even better than make believe 🙂

  62. What an amazing giveaway! My little man, Jameson Michael is expected to make his debut July 4th!

    My favorite memory of my mom is actually a recent one, now that I am a mom, I see and understand all the sacrifices she made for her children and the love she has for each of us. It’s so fun seeing her a grandmother and I cherish our relationship even more now that I get to enjoy being a mom, I appreciate motherhood even more <3

  63. I have so many favorite memories with my mother. She was a single mom raising 4 kids on her own and working two jobs to support us all. We never felt like we were “without” and somehow my mom always managed to come to all of our events (we played a lot of sports) and she always made special occasions and birthdays the best! She is so creative often making our costumes, birthday cakes and pinatas. She set the bar pretty high for me as a mom. Even now, though we are all grown and have families of our own, she will often sacrifice to help me and my siblings with our families–always going above and beyond the call of motherhood!

  64. My mom has the best imagination. She would create this magical world in our bedroom, outside, the play room, wherever it was she would help us create in any circumstance and would sneak away to get mom things done when we were so onto our imaginary world we’d never notice. As a mom to a 5, 3, and new little guy I’m trying to be the same way. This giveaway would be fantastic.

  65. My favorite memory is when my mom would chaperone my field trips in grade school. She always tried to leave time for usbto see as much as possible plus get trinkets like the wax figures at the zoo or pressed pennies at the museum

  66. Would love to win these amazing products for my newborn! I entered & shared, shared, shared! Thank you @momsbestntwk for this fantastic opportunity!

  67. My favorite “mom-ery” was looking up to my mom while she got dressed up stylishly in the 80s and admiring her confidence!

  68. I have so many wonderful memories with my mom, but the one that comes to mind is when I was giving birth to my firstborn and during labor she brushed my hair, held my hand, and sang me lullabies from when I was a little girl. It completely relaxed me and her motherly touch is what got me through becoming a mother myself.

  69. My favorite memory with my mom is a lot of them. Me and my two older sisters & our younger brother were so blessed to be able to have a stay at home mom while my dad worked very hard for all of us. She was always playing with us and doing crafts & teaching us how to bake and sew. But I think my all time favorite memory would be on the weekends when she would go to garage sales and then the supermarket after. She would always take turns taking one of us at a time so we could spend the whole day one on one with her. We would laugh and just make amazing memories together. I have to many wonderful memories of our mother. She is not only an amazing mother, but now also an amazing grandmother as well. Seeing my amazing dad and her eyes light up when our children come through her door is the best feeling in the world.

  70. My favorite memory of my mother is traveling with her. She took us to so many places and made everything an adventure.

  71. My favorite memory with my mom is going away to Orlando with her once a month to have a girls weekend. We would eat at new restaurants, or go to universal studios, or just hang out at the hotel pool.

  72. And my favorite memory of my mom is seeing how she treats my boys. She loves them so much and would do anything for them. I love watching her with them and knowing they are so loved and safe with her.she was also so supportive when my second son was in the nicu after he was born and she still is when we need to take him to all his appointments!

  73. Wow this is such a great contest! My fingers are ALL crossed for this one!! My mom and I have always had great conversations while doing jigsaw puzzles together, and those are some if my favourite mom-and-me memories. Also, seeing her love my little one to bits! That’s pretty special!

  74. My favorite memory of my mom is a night she made me hot chocolate when I was heartbroken over a silly boy! The hot chocolate was called “goodnight kisses” and I still remember it so well!

  75. My favorite memory of my mother is every single family vacation. We made the best memories and had the most fun vacationing as a family.

  76. My favorite memory of my mother is her not getting upset with me when I would play with her makeup. Instead, she would play makeup and dress up with me.

  77. My favorite memory of my mom is when she flew all the way across the country to visit me (despite her fear of flying). It was extra special since we hadn’t been very close when I was younger. (:

  78. My favorite memory of my mom was when I called crying because I had a really bad day away at college.she surprised me and took off work and 7 hours and 500 miles later she surprised me at my door just to take me for dinner, a mani/pedi, and froyo before driving home the next morning.

  79. Great giveaway! My favourite memory of my mom is when we would take little road trips and go see things we both were interested in, horses for me and geology/rocks & minerals for her 🙂

  80. My favorite memory of my mom is when she used to spend all day Sunday with us eating chips and watching TV together.

  81. This would be lovely to win. My favorite memories are the late night talks with my mom and cooking traditional Ukrainian food with her.

  82. My favorite memory with my mom is running a half marathon together; I couldn’t have completed it without her insisting that we both were strong enough to do it. And eating all the snacks offered along the way. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  83. This is amazing! Thanks for the chance! My favorite memory was when I was in high school my mom drove me to the airport and told me to pick a destination and we just jumped on a flight to Disney and bought what we needed there! It was amazing!!

  84. My favorite memory with my mom is all of our conversations over the years. We are seperately by distance now but are as close as ever.

  85. My favorite memory of my mother is when she met my daughter (her first granddaughter) in the hospital! It was so special and I’ll never forget it!

  86. One of my favorite memories of my mom is her.working in her flower garden, just standing there watching her move.around , touching her flowers , watering them, her.just loving the.beauty. of them and seeing it on her face.

  87. I would love to win this prize. I am currently a moment to be. This is my first child due in September. We have had some trouble getting pregnant and I definitely want to I’ll let monitor for setting my mind at ease. My husband is away for work and won’t be back till a month before the baby is due. I would love to win this!
    My favorite memory with my mother is having her as my best friend and never wanting to leave her side. I have always been a mamas girl and now it’s amazing being an adult and sharing this pregnancy with her.

  88. Wow! These prizes are fantastic. My little dude is about to turn one, but my sister just became a first time mom and I’d love to share these amazing prizes with her if I won!

  89. One of my favorite memories of my childhood with my mom was when she’d turn on the radio and we’d sing into our hairbrushes!

  90. Hi! I’m @caticabeltran on instagram and I’ve done what you said, I’m logged on instagram right now but I don’t feel comfortable writing my username and password on a different website that’s not instagram itself… can I just like the pages you ask for directly and make those count?

  91. I did it directly! I just love this giveaway! This is my 1st baby and im.super excited! I hope hell have the best memories of our time together and that I’ll get to write then on the journal and live with him with all the amazing things you are giving away frm.these fantastic brands!!!!

  92. There are so many favorite memories. She’s always made each birthday so special. Most recently I love spending time with her and my daughters on mothers day at our local animal park.

  93. My favorite memory with my Mom is going to concerts with her, specifically N’Sync and seeing the happiness on her face. I miss her so much RIP Mom

  94. I cannot choose just ONE memory of my mother. My mom has always been very supportive and helpful to me. I have recently moved far away from her and I miss her and the rest of my family. Thankfully my mom has already visited frequently. On her most recent trip we went hiking and really enjoyed our time together.

  95. My mother teaching me how to sew is an awesome memory of her. The skill of sewing may not have stuck with me, but the memory did! Thx for the awesome giveaway!

  96. Favorite memories with my mom is when she would play with my hair till I fell asleep. I now pass that same act of love on to my children.

  97. One of my favorite memories was telling my mom that have over a year of trying, praying and hoping, we were having a baby and she was going to be a Grammy! Her reaction is one I will treasure always!

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