Top Nursery/Kids Room Trends for 2017

Today we are sharing the top Nursery/Kids Room Trends we are loving for 2017.  Each trend featured can be easily incorporated into a nursery or kids room.

We cover everything from stylish modern furniture to… pastels, minimalism,  color block walls, storage that has style, to wallpaper/decals. Sharing details + examples for each trend below.


kids room design trends 2017

Stylish Modern Furniture
Finding a convertible crib is the best of both worlds, transitioning from baby to toddler is made easy! We love the simplicity of modern cribs. The clean lines have helped transform a space that is aesthetically pleasing! Cribs are now more a focal point of a room than ever before!

(source: Inside Out, Ubabub)


kids room design trends 2017

Color Block Walls
This darling trend adds just the right amount of interest with very little work. Our creative director Tana Hallows designed this amazing space for her little girl. Painting just one color block wall with her daughter’s favorite color PINK.  See more details of this space HERE.


kids room design trends 2017

This one makes our hearts skip a beat! We are currently loving this trend! White mixed with soft hues of peach, blues, pinks, yellows, is the perfect combo! The key to this look is only accent with those soft pastel colors and keep everything fresh and white, add a little natural wood grain in for a subtle look!

(source: Charlotte Lovely , EE Fillmore)


kids room design trends 2017

Minimalist nurseries are what’s hot! Skip the frills! We love the idea of spending money on a nice quality crib with a few accessories and leaving the rest simplified. Baby is just discovering his/her little world, it’s overwhelming! Keeping finished neutral and to a minimum creates a soft environment that doesn’t compete with baby’s new world

(source: Make Hey, Estelle Williot)

kids room design trends 2017

Storage that has style
Storage has come along way, and just because you’re storing toys or books, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in style! Find a fun bookshelf or build your own! We love the trending houses that are being used for storage. Storage + play! Make you storage fun & a feature of your nursery!
(Source: Little Love, Charlotte Love)


kids room design trends 2017


Accent Walls
Either it’s wallpaper or Small to large scale decals, focal accent walls are it! While keeping the rest of the room very neutral these accent walls speak volumes! They add a fun whimsical pop to a nursery or toddler room! Putting a crib in front of these walls makes the perfect combo, but remember to keep the bedding very simple if you go with a fun accent wall!
(source: Cup of Joe, Casa Haus)

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