Sweet Minimalist Nursery Reveal with LaTisha Springer + Room Giveaway

Destination Nurseries.. lead designer Tana Hallows, traveled to sunny Walnut Creek,Ca  installing a few fun spaces for beautiful Latisha Springer @latishaspringer and her darling little family…new baby Londyn and 3 year old Lettie…..  What a great opportunity it was to meet with her and her sweet family.   Creating a fun clean minimalist nursery for her sweet new baby Londyn.  As well as a charming little girls room for Little Lettie.  Reveal for that room coming up soon.  Today we are super excited to share the reveal for the sweetest minimalist nursery styled by Tana Hallows.  Details + Links below as well,  ENTER an amazing GET THE LOOK room giveaway full of prizes from the same awesome brands featured in baby Londyn’s nursery!  Enter below…

All Images photographed By Nicolette Monson  @nicolettemonsonphoto
Styling By Tana Hallows  @tanahallows
for Darling Mama Latisha Springer  @latishaspringer

clean modern nursery

sweet minimalist nursery

sweet minimalist nursery


sweet minimalist nursery
sweet minimalist nursery
Clean Modern Nursery
IMG_1629Clean Modern Nursery
Clean Modern NurseryClean Modern Nursery
IMG_1260clean modern nursery

IMG_1642Clean Modern Nursery

A SPECIAL THANKS to ALL OF OUR Amazing sponsors who made this space possible!!  Especially Hayneedle, The Animal Print Shop, Destination Nursery, Lulu +Pip, as well as the other sponsors listed below …be sure to check out all the details for this amazing space linked below…As well make sure you ENTER our GET THE LOOK giveaway below for 1 lucky mama….win a room makeover worth over $2000



GET THE LOOK….details and links for this amazing space all here…

Dresser and Crib … Hayneedle
Baby Camel Print… Animal Print Shop
Clear Acrylic Shelves … Lulu + Pip
Bedding + Pillow (grid sheet, grid pillow, x x crib sheet, cross pillow… Olli Lime
Decorative circles Maui Jute Rug … Rugs USA
Knit Doll + Knit Rattle… Blabla Kids
Children’s Books… Chronicle Books
Blush Emma Rocker … Delta Kids
Heated changing pad… Cozy Cheekz
gray knot pillow… Malia Mu

colorhouse paint—walls painted in SNOWY DAY from their Land of Nod Collection
peg board +white shelves… Gautier Studio
Solid tiny hills decals in gray…. lovely wall co
belly basket...perfectly smitten
petit collage animal blocks and white bunny on peg board … Mapamundi Kids
hamper basket… Land of Nod
Gray Printed Swaddle blankets…Tea Collection + Aden Anais

All Kids Apparel…Tea Collection


SHOP the Brands COUPON CODES for up to 30% off!

Chronicle Books…get 30% off your entire purchase thru JUNE 18 with CODE  FATHERSDAY

OLLI LIME…get 20% off your entire purchase  with code reveal20



ENTER our GET THE LOOK room giveaway…perfect for your own kids room makeover…

1. $200 gift card to RUGS USA…must be following   @rug_usa

2. $100 gift card to The Animal Print Shop…must be following @theanimalprintshop

3. $150 gift card to Olli Lime…for crib or toddler bedding…must be following @olliandlime

4. $400 Lolli 3-in-1 CRIB from Hay Needle…must be following @hayneedle

5. $400 Rocker Glider...from Delta Kids……final color winner’s choice, must be following @deltachildren

6. $125 gift card to The Lovely Wall Co...decals or wallpaper…. winner’s choice, must be following @thelovelywallco

7. $100 gift card to Mapamundi kids…must be following @mapamundikids

8. $150 gift card to Chronicle Books…must be following @chroniclebooks

9. $75 gift card to shop clear shelves from Lulu + Pip….must be following @luluandpip

10. $150 gift card to Bla Bla Kids…must be following @blablakidsshop

11. $200 gift card to Tea Collection….must be following @tea_collection

12. $120 to shop the Heated Changing Pad…Cozy Cheekz…must be following @cozycheekz

13. $130 to shop the Pegboard and shelves from Gautier Studio…must be following @gautierstudio

14. $75 knot pillow from Malia Mu…color winner’s choice must be following @malia_mu



1. FOLLOW ALL 14 brands participating in this GIVEAWAY via Instagram + must be following US @DESTINATIONURSERY  and Latisha Springer  @latishaspringer + our room Interior Stylist @tanahallows
2. Complete the Entry Widget below
3.  Leave your Comment below **ANSWERING THE QUESTION from the WIDGET…make sure you answer in the comments below**  we will triple check!! + leave a comment on Latisha’s Blog answering the question specified in the widget below. 
4.  Thank you for ENTERING….and completing everything, What an amazing opportunity we have to be a part of this Fun Travel Series…..we wish each one of you could win!!
5. GIVEAWAY runs today May 30 through Tuesday June 6, 2017 at  11:59 PM MST
6. 1 Winner TAKES IT ALL…. drawn randomly and Announced Monday NIGHT June 5,2017….we will verify all entries…triple checked!! even down to answering the right question from the widget…
7. NO PURCHASE Necessary, Void where Prohibited by LAW.  US RESIDENTS ONLY

Get The Look Nursery/toddler Room Giveaway

58 thoughts on “Sweet Minimalist Nursery Reveal with LaTisha Springer + Room Giveaway”

  1. I would love to continue to eat dinner together, and have family reading time. I find that it’s time well spent , and it benefits all of us!

  2. We consistently eat dinner together as a family and have dedicated time for reading together (no screens allowed).

  3. 1. Musicals. I grew up watching musicals with my mom, and my mom has since passed away, and musicals are still my connection to her, now that I’m expecting a baby girl, I want to pass on that tradition. 2. Camping. Seems like kids these days don’t know how to play outside, and my husband lives for being outdoors, so I hope to pass this love onto our kids.

  4. Growing up as a family we always loved having a fun game night together once a week and I would love to continue that tradition with our growing family. We also love to travel as a family. Going on fun new adventures together always brings us closer together.

  5. We do family walks during the summer and play games during the winter months. Camping is also a favorite for us 🙂

  6. I’d like to start to reading the Bible together, and going to church. I think it’s something we need as a family.

  7. I love this question about family bonds. Two things that I’m currently trying to do more with my little family is number one pray together. We pray to thank God for our blessings, when we need help and praying for others. Just something that brings us together in an emotional way. The second thing is spending quality time having fun. Its not always easy going out and doing things with young children but when we have a greater effort on focusing on having fun together it really brings us together and makes us happy. So the fun is focusing more on the physical bonding.

  8. Man I love all of your furniture! And the little detail of everything too it’s so unique and cute!

  9. I LOVE how the whole thing turned out! My favorite would have to be the crib, dresser and glider!

    So one thing we love to do as a family is go and get a treat every Monday night! My favorite is going to get a snow cone. Another thing we love to do is go fishing at a favorite spot and dinner afterwards.

  10. Beautiful nursery for a beautiful little girl! My favorite is the rug and glider. Two things we enjoy doing as a family is our Sunday dinners and having all the family over for holidays and birthday parties.

  11. I love her crib, rug, and rocking chair! It all turned out so cute!! Some things I enjoy with my family now are getting together to celebrate holidays. Something I would like to do when I have a family of my own is planning a night every week to do game/dessert night.

  12. One thing we love to do as a family is have family dinners and then take a walk together! Another thing we love to do is play board games and card games together which can get really competitive and fun!

  13. My favorite thing to do as a family (when the little one comes) will be to spend as much time together as possible. I travel for a living and want to continue to do that with the baby, so time home together will be precious. I grew up eating together as a family every single night, so I want to continue that when we are home together. Sundays are my fave days together!

  14. We love to play in the garden together right now. Everyday we go out and tend the vegetable plants and water everything. It’s one of my favorite memories of growing up and I’m so happy to share these moments with our family.

  15. I almost forgot the second thing! I love cooking our meals and eating in the front porch together!

  16. Two things that we really love to do together are board games and family outings. This year we splurged a little bit and got the entire family season passes to Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. We definitely will keep up with trying to keep together as a family and make new experiences happen with our oldest who is 15 and our youngest who was just born.

  17. Our family loves to be outside together. We work in the garden and keep things pretty and tidy. The kids love to help! We also spend time cooking and baking together. I have special memories of doing this with my mom, and I hope to create those memories for my kids too.

  18. I would love to Continue to spend time
    Outside as a family; bike rides, walks, and/or working on our yard. I would also love to continue to work on house projects as a family. We have a lot of fun with those!

  19. We do breakfast each Sunday at the local diner that has been around for years with my in-laws. It gives us a moment to catch up and touch base on each other’s lives. We bond with my family spending time in the outdoors. Doing various projects, going fishing, bonfire, etc.

  20. We love to work in the garden together. We also have dinner together every night – no screens for anyone. And bedtime stories.

  21. I love how the books are displayed on the wall. I feel like it would inspire one to read more and it’s super cute looking at the same time.

    1. so I think I commented with the wrong answer ? Anyway.
      We love our family walks:) it’s such a sweet time to relax and catch up on things, especially when we don’t normally get to eat dinner as a family.

  22. One thing we love doing as a family is having regular trips to the beach. We live in the puget sound so are beaches are more rocky then sandy. We live only about 10 minutes away so regular trips are convient family activity. We love looking for unique looking rocks, shells, driftwood and more. We search and try to spot jellyfish, crabs and starfish along the docks.

    One thing I would love to start doing regularly doing is having dinner all together at the table. It’s always been difficult to do with our schedule.

  23. I would love to start having family game nights. My daughter is 3 so I think it’s the perfect age to start.

  24. I would love to do more traveling as a family ; even if it’s local places! I would also like to try something new as a family every month: whether it’s a game board or something like a family walk/run! Thanks!

  25. We love spending time together outside in the yard as a family. Whether it’s BBQing, basketball, ladder golf, sitting around the fire pit, or watching the boys dig around in the mud, I love that when we’re outside together, we’re completely unplugged. I also try to make it a point every weekend to head out and explore something new in our state! I LOVE going on vacations (I’d pick trips to Hawaii or Disneyland every weekend if I could!), but we’re trying hard to love and adventure all that our own backyard has to offer.

  26. I’d love to make more of an effort to go on a family adventure each weekend & want to continue eating dinner together each night! 🙂

  27. To try and eat more family dinners at the dining room table instead of on the couch in front of the TV and to take the dog on daily family walks to the park.

  28. We are constantly going to the beach together as a family. We also whenever my husband has off, we take walks together on the beach I the morning. Pretty much any activity we do is at the beach lol

  29. I would love to continue to work on our garden each year. We had so much fun as a family this year! I would also like to continue going on family runs together! Thanks!

  30. We are a family of 7. And we a baby on the way we would love to just spend as much time together as possible. They grow so fast. ❤️

  31. Love everything about it. the colors you choosen really tie it together and blend with each ther and its got a welcoming calm feel to it. My favorite piece is that glider its beautiful

  32. We always listen to each thers feelings on something and give them a chance to express themselfs with no judgement. We also always eat together as a family

  33. Love this nursery! The glider looks so comfy and great for late night feedings.

    Family is definitely everything! One of our favorite family things to do is at night before bedtime we read a devotional reading & have prayer together. We believe that it strengthens our family. Also, we love to do outdoor activities and try to go to something outdoorsy such as go to the park or beach for a picnic or bike ride once a week.

  34. We always try to reconnect as a family at the end of the day or week. Whether we go over our day together at the dinner table or take a walk on Saturday to talk about our future plans. It is nice to keep things in perspective and to keep our minds on what we’re working towards!

  35. We love playing in creeks and gathering rocks together.
    P.s. I accidentally typed this answer as my name ont the entry form, lol.

  36. I absolutely love the crib in Londyn’s nursery and the bedding makes me swoon!

    Our family takes boat trips to the island every single weekend. We leave early in the morning, have lunch on the beach and just enjoy eachother’s company in the beautiful Florida sunshine! We also have dinner together as an entire family (with my parents) every week. We enjoy this time together so much and it’s nice to share cooking duties!

  37. My hubby is military so we savor every moment we have together we live watching movies, snuggling and saying bedtime prayers.

    I love the crib in the nursery. So beautiful.

  38. I would love love love to start going camping with my family. Something small, but fun. I would also love to have a movie night, whether it’s at the theaters or at home!

  39. We love to spend our weekends eating breakfast together a d then visiting local beaches, both are things I cherish with my kiddos

  40. Some things we would like to start doing together as my boys get older is travel more and explore more- whether locally (while they’re still little) or across the country. I read recently how family vacations really do make lasting impacts on kids for their whole lives with the memories they make. I can wait!

  41. My husband Nate and I are due with our first in October and Nate and I both love spending time with our family. One thing I am looking forward to is just becoming a mom but making lots of memories together as a little family. Christmas and Thanksgiving are huge holidays and not so much partying but just enjoying family time.
    I really love all the neutral color combination in this nursery! I love how it’s not too crowded but looks finished. Super cute! ?

  42. I would like to start grocery shopping as a family. My kids hate the store. I guess I will have to wait until they are older and more helpful while there.

  43. Two things we like to do to spend time together and reconnect are going food shopping as a family on weekends and finishing with a bowl of frozen yogurt! Then, once the kids are in bed we like to go over our day and reflect on all the good and bad things that happened that day.

  44. I think it would be fun to start a craft night with the family. I would also like to start hiking more once the kids are a bit older! Thank you!

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