simple first birthday party fun


We love the simplicity of amelia’s first birthday party! Created and Styled by mama Brooke Windsor Losh
Sharing all the party details in her words below,

“Balloons, balloons & more balloons + florals, and we were set for Amelia’s 1st birthday celebration! We decked out the mantle with a pink ombré balloon garland from a local party shop @vroomvroomballoon and popped the kitchen décor with a marble, balloon bouquet that I might’ve slipped in for myself to celebrate my birthing day!

We created an open area in our living room for the babies to play and explore.  Amelia’s favorite play things: baskets of colorful blocks, vegetable teething toys and musical eggs were set out for sharing.  Over wine and dinner the night before the party, one of my dear friends suggested making an “A” piñata. Thank goodness, because this mama fell in love, and I’m grateful we can bring it out for the next birthday! The day-of was pizza party madness, with family and friends helping to fill in the blanks with beautiful fruit, vegetables and dips. It felt simple but festive. One of Amelia’s favorite moments of the day is story time, so we sent her littlest friends home with an animal-shaped Little Lamb or Little Duckling book as their party favor.”  All Photography @rachelmoorephoto

About Brooke:
Brooke Windsor Losh is founder of BWL, a Nashville-based styling company for the mamas. Brooke spent 11 years in New York City living + working in styling and visual presentation before moving to Nashville with her husband a few years back to start a family. Brooke launched her company BWL last year, focusing on thoughtfully curated, postpartum care for all the mamas. (brookewindsorlosh.com)

Stay tuned for more fun from brooke in the near future!  xx


4 thoughts on “simple first birthday party fun”

  1. This is the sweetest! Love that such a beautiful party is seamlessly blended into the style of the home! keeping this as a reference for any future party!

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