TIP TUESDAY: Love yourself the way your children do….meet Katie Emmons @katelaraine + Giveaway

We have some great mom tips for you today from darling brand ambassador Katie Emmons @katelaraine + a FUN $250 GIVEAWAY of some of her favorites.  Her littlest is turning one this friday…so along with her,  we are giving away a few favorites she could not live without for his 1st year.  Meet Katie, beautiful mama of 3….

” My name is Katie, but you can call me Kate! I have been married to my
husband Eric for almost 9 years, and we have 3 sweet kiddos, Alivia
(6), Kingston (almost 5), and Maverick (11 months). My husband has
been in the military for 10 years, so we have lived in 4 different
states since we’ve been married. I love caramel macchiatos with
cinnamon on top, plants that don’t need too much attention, neutral
colors, and really good smells. I’m a night owl through and through,
and I really don’t like cooking. My greatest strength as a mother is
seeing my children’s emotional needs and guiding them through each
emotion so that they can better understand who they are and what makes
them “them”. I love deep meaningful conversations and would open my
heart and home to anyone that needs a shoulder to cry on, a big glass
of wine or coffee, or a night just to laugh and forget about the hard
stuff in life.”

Katie’s MOMS TIPS:

  1. If I had any tips as a mom it would be to practice loving yourself the
    way your children do. The more you can see yourself through their
    eyes, the more confident you will be in your abilities as their mom.
  2. Be sure to get out on your own every now and then. Go to target
    after the kids go to bed and just breathe. Look at things that make
    you happy, try on clothes that bring you joy, smell every single
    candle on the shelf, just focus on you for a few hours, so you can
    come back refreshed and able to give your family your best.

“My absolute favorite products are Tubby Todd (everything), my wild bird sling, blanket from max + moose, and my
Google Home for all the dance parties!”

It’s your lucky day mamas! We have partnered with Katie and a few of her favorite brands she has absolutely loved for Mavericks first year…ENTER this $250 giveaway HERE

We love Katie’s authenticity + the beautiful way she shares motherhood, to see more daily fun with Katie and her sweet family + all of our future collaborations together…follow her on instagram here @katelaraine…..


13 thoughts on “TIP TUESDAY: Love yourself the way your children do….meet Katie Emmons @katelaraine + Giveaway”

  1. Kate is such a seeet and honest soul! I love watching her IG stories and reading her posts. She’s a true “mom”spiration! -@kmeadorfields

  2. Wow Katie! You are one of a kind! These tips really hit me… I think maybe I’ll just have little me time right now ? Thanks for sharing ❤️ @hrsteiner

  3. I definitely needed to hear this! I love her saying that your kids won’t remember how clean your house was but rather they’ll remember the time you intentionally spent with them and the memories made. Love your posts!

    1. for sure amy! they will remember the joy they felt…kind of like at christmas from year to year…its hard to remember what you got or what you gave but they will remember the feelings of love and fun of spending time together…the true magic that lingers! xx thanks for entering

  4. My insta handle is angelinamusatov and the tips that she gave are beautiful and more deep like giving yourself the love time so you can be a better mommy ????? So good! Thank you Katie!! I’d loose to win this giveaway would be a huge blessing to be being a mommy of 2 under 2 ? thank you soooooo much!!!! My secound one will be here in less than 3 months ?

  5. Love all of these! I definitely could use some mama time (haven’t been alone since baby #3 was born 5 months ago). Thanks for sharing! @eiserman.jen

    1. oh mama we hope you get that ME TIME soon even if its just 30 minutes! thank you so much for entering xx

  6. Sometimes we forget to take in the moment. Our children will not remember if the house was clean, but will remember if we (us parents) were happy. One of my news year resolutions is getting out and having me time. It’s so hard but necessary. Such a great read, thank you. @eli.eli.oh

  7. Loved these tips! I think it’s always important to glean from other mamas and never be afraid to ask for help! These tips sure did, just that !

    I also entered the giveaway @raisingemwright

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