Baby Essentials: What’s in our diaper bag? + a giveaway


TIP TUESDAY:  We are an experienced  team of 8 moms with 18 little people + 5 babies on the way….you could say we have been around a diaper or two!

Today for all the mamas both expecting, just delivered or seasoned..we are excited to share just a few of our favorite must-haves we are loving right now for your Diaper Bag…including one of our favorite all around diaper bags!!  The good news is…we are GIVING IT ALL AWAY TO YOU…for one lucky mama!!

Sharing the must haves below plus details for how to ENTER to WIN this amazing bundle!!

Changing Mat- we love the Gathre changing mats…they fold up so easy, are easy to clean, and their styles are on point…as they coordinate and go with anything.

Blankets- soft as butter these blanket/swaddles from Max + Moose, we are in love with every color…their swaddle how to tutorials  you must go and watch…you won’t go wrong with the any you choose!

Diapers- ultra absorbant diapers from Babyganics fit the bill, in price and simple style, we compared with several in their category…but you be the judge.

Diaper Cream…something with Zinc is perfect and we actually compared several….and  love this natural one from Burt’s Bees Baby.

Rattle…we love these softies from Bla Bla Kids… the giraffe and pretzel are our favorite.

Bib- two sided wipeable bibs from Gathre… great price too

Headband for the baby girl:  our favorite are the leather bow headbands from Pitchoundesigns

Diaper Bag- a Backpack…our favorite one right now for many reasons is the Harper Leather Backpack from Mina Baie…this one is solid…fits everything nice and easily, can be worn hands free, + is very stylish.

by no means is this list complete, but just a few we have made our favorites….Make sure you check them out plus complete your entry of our giveaway on Instagram...


**For Full Entry go to our Instagram page + complete this question below….

15 extra entries will added to your score, answer this question by sharing with us below…please include your instagram HANDLE in your comment here too…

question:  Which of these items above can you not live without?  + is there something we may have not mentioned you really love? we would love to know….GOOD LUCK!!


Giveaway details: Prizes Worth $500


Harper Tan Diaper Bag from Mina Baie — Shown

Gathre changing mat + bib —  Shown

Pitchoun Design set of 2 headbands  —- Shown

Max + Moose 2  blankets — Shown

Bla Bla Kids- Rattle—pretzel or giraffe —winners choice —Shown

must be following all brands via instagram + like our instagram giveaway image…see instagram for extra ways to enter daily!

giveaway runs: tuesday through friday  11:59 PM MST April 17-20th 2018….


99 thoughts on “Baby Essentials: What’s in our diaper bag? + a giveaway”

  1. Besides the usual necessities burp cloths become the thing I need most! I also carry tubby Todd’s all over ointment. You can use it on baby or mommy and I just can’t leave my house with out it!

    1. YES that is right how could we forget burp cloths!!! we will add these to our list for sure…and we will have to check out the tubby todd ointment thank you xx

  2. I’ve been obsessed with max and moose blankets for so long but that backpack is at the top of my needs list for sure!!!!

    1. this backpack is solid! we have had multiple others and we can attest you will not have issues…its good we soo recommend it xxx

  3. this giveaway!!! so good! that diaper bag is gorgeous & the max + moose blankets are seriously THE BEST! we always have a gathre mat in the back of the car during the summer, never know when you’re gonna pull over for a picnic. or a diaper change. ?

  4. Being a first time mom can be overwhelming with the so many options and so many people advising you on so many different things. But honestly, I have never felt the power of doing what makes you happy more than ever before. I know which style diaper bag I want, which color and what else I want for my baby! And this bag is exactly what I have been imagining myself with!

    1. we could not have said that better! so happy its what you have in mind xx
      please share your instagram handle here too thank you 🙂

  5. This is such an amazing giveaway!! The diaper cream and bibs are a must to have on hand always when out and about! I also can’t leave without the Nosa Frida for when baby is all congested. It’s a real life saver! My little man is due in Sept and I would be extremely grateful to win such an amazing prize pack – I’m not nearly as ready just yet as I was with my first son so this sure would come in handy. Thanks again – keeping my fingers so tightly crossed ????☺️????

  6. I can’t believe there are no wipes in the bag, are you kidding me? I am a seasoned mama/grandma who knows that the most important things to pack are the diapers, the wipes, the bottle and a blanket/changing pad. Maybe a toy or pacifier as well if you can remember to grab them on the way out. But the wipes will come in handy for any emergency that will arise, including cleaning the inside of your car if you got a minute. They sure can shine things up, and daddy will appreciate it as well. All hail the mighty wipes! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity as I have a step daughter who is having her first very soon, and she surely would love this beautiful assortment!

    1. awesome Yes we have babyganics wipes in our bag too…:) just cant see them hah
      and for sure pacifier the rattles are the toy…and we for sure use wipes even with all of our older kids
      they come in soooo handy 🙂 xx

  7. Love this giveaway! We currently can’t live without the diaper baggies in our diaper bag! But we do LOVE all things Gathre too! Their playmats are THE best! I hope to get my hands on a changing pad and bib!

    IG: alexismaewyant

  8. Can’t live without bibs/burp cloths and a good diaper cream that works with cloth diapers. I haven’t tried Burt’s bees, but can vouch for Earth Mama Angel Baby. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Insta @laurensteffel

  9. Obsessed with my Gathre changing mat! We also go for the Tubby Todd all over ointment or aquaphor multiple times a day! @jilldbeck on instagram

    1. this one is solid! and functions better than another we have seen on the market…and its real leather too 🙂

  10. This is the ultimate essentials giveaway for any outing. I especially love this bag! It looks like it could fit anything. I’m due any day now with my third babe and I love the thought of being able to fit everything in this bag. Not to mention, I’ve had my eye on the Max + Moose swaddle in the Fog color because — neutral. And let’s not forget about the gathre bibs! We have a midi and a changing mat, but have yet to get our hands on these bibs! Love everything. Very nice job, guys!

    Xx Alex – @meetkaidenandcharlie

  11. Besides the necessities like diapers, I love having the change pad, makes changing diapers on any surface easy! My must have is her swaddle sack! It’s so handy to put her to sleep in, it’s also like a sleep cue for her…she knows it’s sleepy time when the sleepsack is on! Also…drool bibs ?


  12. I’m a soon to be first time mommy but as a nanny in the past I LOVED a good backpack- my go to necessities included tons of snacks, a book or two, diaper, wipes, booty cream (love this Burt’s bees one), and spare outfit.

    1. YES to the zipper onesies! Try Bonds wondersuits if you can get your hands on them. They zip both ways for easy diaper access!!

  13. Having recently completed my first major trip solo with a teething baby, I can tell you a well stocked diaper bag is indispensable. I don’t think I could have survived without teething toys or a swaddle blanket to nurse in public. I thought I loved my current bag, but that diaper bag above is giving me all kinds of envy right now.


    1. you would love this bag!
      we think its better than another well known one we will not mention

  14. I love my gathre changing mat! It’s always in my diaper bag and makes changing diapers on the go a breeze. Another essential for me would be burp cloths! Always in my diaper bag.

  15. We never leave the house without our Gathre Changing Mat. So easy to clean and carry on the go. I always have Aden + Anais burly bibs in my diaper bag. They are the only bibs that can fully control my babes drool!! @kayla.nicholsonn

  16. I cannot go anywhere without a backpack diaper bag! It’s a must! I would also include a change of clothes just in case. Also, some snacks for my toddler! @emilywondree

  17. I’m pregnant with our first baby so I appreciate all the tips on what I should get, but I can’t really say quite yet what I can’t live without for baby ? I have heard great things from other moms about the gathre changing mat though and I really hope to get one from my registry!!!
    IG: smash.waldron

    1. yay for your first baby coming how exciting!!
      and we hope you get the gathre mat too
      what registry are you going through?

      thanks for entering xx

  18. I cannot live without my nosefrida we live in the valley and my sons allergies are always crazy so that’s for sure on my I can’t live without list. Instagram handle boymom_mark_colton

  19. Love the perfect swaddle! Another needed item is lotion for that newborn skin. ❤️ Instagram Handle jbabbagirl

  20. I’m a first time mom with a one week old and am still figuring out what I need to keep this little guy alive and happy! I’m learning that you really can’t have too many swaddles/muslins with a baby around. At the moment, I’m just using a regular backpack to carry everything around in, but this beautiful diaper bag would be an absolute dream!!


    1. yay congrats on your sweet new babe!
      and this backpack is solid…you would love it xxo

      thanks fo entering

  21. We never leave the house without a hopefully well stocked bag. Must haves include a gather change mat, diaper cream, snacks and her favorite stuffed cow. I also have a mini first aid it that has come in hand so many times.


  22. I can’t live without the Burt’s Bees diaper cream and all the cozy swaddles!! I also couldn’t not have my essential oils, for baby and my sanity, Wondersuit sleepers and New Mama Bottom Spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby!


    1. yess a pacifier we agree! did not include one here but we for sure are going to be trying out several…its crazy how much it comes down to preference for the baby…they actually end up picking the pacifier they like by refusing the ones they don’t haha

  23. @miss.goodytwoshoes
    Reading over these have been so helpful! Im a couple of weeks out from baby numero unos due date and trying to stock up on all the essentials. I love that most of these things tick the trifecta of practical, adorable and small buisness!!! Amazing! Thank you!

  24. I have my first little one on the way, so this post was really helpful for me! A gathre mat was already on my wants list, but now the rest are too! Especially that amazing diaper bag!

    IG: @megnoelleee

    1. yay yay so glad we can help!! and hands free is a new mom’s best friend, the only reason we love back packs and this one is solid!

  25. Im trying to give my step mom a little suprise for when she delivers her baby boy, but i do not have any money to buy so this would be a great opportunity for me

  26. All of this looks amazing! I would have to say the diaper bag being a backback would be the one that stands out to me most and I love the look of it. I’m gonna be a first time mama and expecting twins in September so I know that would be helpful with my hands being full 🙂 along with all the other goodies.


    1. absolutely! having your hands free to care for those babies is a must and having a backpack diaper bag would be perfect!
      so excited for your miracles coming xxo

  27. This is such an amazing giveaway!! I’m a first time mom, so not super experienced ? But one thing I absolutely love is my Gather changing mat!! It has saved me SO many times when I’ve been out and about and needed to change my daughter but didn’t have the best place (or cleanest) place to change her! I also love to have my boogie wipes on hand for a quick and painless wipe of the face! @saradid

    1. your awesome! so glad you have experienced the mat and the boogie wipes sound perfect to have in there

  28. Oh wow, so I am expecting my first in early July so at this point I still have SO much to learn.. from what I have seen a comfortable stylish bag dedicated to your necessities that is loaded with staples to put any mama at ease is key. Perhaps a spare change of clothes, a paci clip to avoid fumbling with a fallling binky and a Muslim cloth to serve multiple purposes! Oh and something to catch babies attention such as a black and white book and a healthy snAck and swell bottle to keep mama nourished whatever circumstances might bring! Thanks so much for this incredible giveaway opportunity ??? instagram: marysdailydose

    1. congratulations! and all this sounds awesome….and your swell bottle would fit the side zipper pocket of this bag easily! and we love that as a backpack its hands free and super stylish! xxo thanks for entering

  29. Gathre changing mat is my fave of these items!! And one item I would add is a spare change of clothes for those poop explosions that happen at the worst times haha!
    @amnaomnomnom on Instagram

  30. My first little is on her way, 8 weeks to go! All of these products look magical but I am absolutely in love with Max&Moose blankets! That’s what I imagine I won’t be able to live without once small one gets here ♥️

    1. I forgot to add the answer to the second question! I would add a top knots co baby turban! I’ve got a newborn one ready for the arrival!

    2. yes and perfect to double as a nursing cover ! 8 weeks to go…EEEK that is so exciting mama….and a baby turban what a perfect idea xxo

  31. @meenatangy is my instagram ! I love the style of the bag and the ease and comfort such as the changing pad! Love the rattle to distract baby and love the bibs from gathre!! Such an awesome giveaway !!

  32. This is such a gorgeous giveaway! ESSENTIALS for sure!! I looove my gathre changing mat it has come in handy soooo many places!!! The only thing I would add is a burp cloth ( my son is spitty ?) & fruit pouch for good measure. ♥️ @lindamargaritaa

  33. I can’t live without the Gathre mat!! I used it for every diaper change and will do so with my next baby (due in July)! One thing I would add to this is a solly baby wrap. I will definitely have one with me at all times because I will need my hands to help my toddler 🙂

  34. These all look amazing and the bag is gorgeous! In addition to these, I can never go without a nursing cover and wipes. @hmgabi

  35. A good diaper bag seems like a must (especially when you start using it as a purse/diaper bag) and a changing mat! Also, we love the Replay snack pods or itzy ritzy reusable snack pouches for on-the-go munching and hand sanitizer! @cyneason

  36. I’m pregnant with my first but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to live without a backpack diaper bag! Makes so much more sense to me than an over the shoulder bag. @shanra218

  37. I think the bag is what I need most, but to be honest I don’t know. I am a new mama well I will be in 7.5 weeks so I probably need it all 🙂 fingers crossed @nuttallhomestead

  38. I cannot live with having a swaddle/blanket with me for a newborn/baby! So versitile from cozy naps, nursing, car seat cover etc. I think if I had the gather mat I would say that too! We are expecting another little one in a month but right now the main essential I have to have in my bag with a toddler is snacks ? pouches save my life while running errands. Lovely giveaway with BEAUTIFUL products!!
    Instagram: sarahknutt

    1. We totally agree sarah! so many uses, and little snacks are perfect…good luck with your upcoming birth
      what an exciting time

    2. We totally agree sarah! so many uses, and little snacks are perfect…good luck with your upcoming birth!!

  39. I cannot live without the backpack design diaper bag! I have four children (6,5,3,2) and our 5th baby due in 8 weeks! My hands are constantly full and I’m always holding someone so the hands free design of the backpack make my life so much easier! The other thing I can’t live without is our first aid kit! It’s amazing how many bandaids we go through!
    IG Handle: mrsakins4

    1. yesss mama! you are a rockstar!! how exciting another sweet bundle coming…and bandaids we agree one child starts and then another…we cant keep bandaids around when we actually really need them haha!!
      thanks for entering

  40. Can’t live without burp cloths and bibs! Also, the Burt’s Bees diaper cream is an absolute necessity. And a change of clothes for unexpected blowouts. This giveaway would be so awesome to win!!

    IG: @alyonataras

  41. I totally agree with a soft blanket. you never know when your baby will want that comfort! I would also include some yummy snacks ! My IG handle is @thatwinneylife thank you!

  42. It didnt fit in my bag but my newborn lounge pillow was everything! More important than the entire diaper bag. We took it everywhere so baby always had her spot. Our centerpiece at dinners, on the floor beside card tables, on the lawn outside for fresh air. Best invention ever! IG:katiebrianpaul

  43. The leather gathere bibs sounds amazing my son makes the biggest mess and I never put bips in my diaper bag. Instagram gabbysunshinej

  44. Of the items listed above the only item brand specific that I have used are the babyganics diapers! We did love them too! But there are a few brands I love. And honestly diapers are probably what we couldn’t live with out too! I totally wanted to cloth but my hubby was not on board. Tried it a little but I’m such a gaggy person I quickly decided if hubby wasn’t going to help at all it just wasn’t for us. Lol To those that can cloth all their babies 🙌 you are awesome!
    Instagram: marissa.miles_

  45. I can’t live without swaddles! As a mom of SEVEN now a great back pack diaper bag is essential!! I need to be handsfree. @howardcircusringmaster

  46. It’s gotta be a swaddle blanket! At our first peds appointment when she was five days old, we had to take off her outfit for weight check and an exam. I hadn’t brought a blanket and felt so bad that she was cold! Now I always have one. They’re perfect not just at the pediatrician. Use them for a clean surface to set her down on, a play mat, a car seat cover, or a nursing cover. I have some darling swaddle blankets, and the Max + Moose one would be an excellent addition to our diaper bag! 🥰 (@panama_lele)

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