Kids Rooms 101 + A International GIVEAWAY

Happy Monday! Today we are excited to introduce you to something we have been working on for awhile now…over a month ago we took a few polls in our instagram stories asking all of YOU…..What is the biggest challenge to creating your nursery or kids space? you spoke and we listened…the top three challenges you face are….1. finding your style,  2. cost of items, and  3. the design decisions are overwhelming.

Since that time we have been gathering the answers in helping you overcome these challenges…

TODAY we have partnered with Kids Rooms 101  +  Petit Interior co…to bring you some ANSWERS to these challenges…..introducing you to an amazing opportunity to be empowered in creating your own nursery or kids space through their interior styling course.

The thing we love most about this Online Course, is it guides you from start to finish with the whole design process.  Into four easy to understand modules full of detailed steps.  You can take it fast or go slow…its entirely up to you! Learn how to design like the pros as they walk you through gathering inspo, all of the design principles, creating a professional moodboard, and installation.


Today is your LUCKY DAY as we have partnered with Kids Rooms 101  to FIRST give you $25 OFF  the purchase of this amazing course + we are giving away 5 of their interior styling courses to YOU….Course Value is $199….for this week ONLY you can enter to WIN + get it for only $175….


To ENTER TO WIN this amazing INTERNATIONAL giveaway…and be one of the 5 LUCKY WINNERS…follow the details for ENTRY BELOW.




Here a few testimonials from a couple of our Design Experts sharing why we think kids rooms 101 interior styling course is the best around!!!


Our Creative Director Tana Hallows

“Having been around kids interior styling for the past 15+ years, I am so happy to come across + recommend this interior styling course that makes it simple and easy for anyone to take their nursery or kids space to the next level.  Bel shares her design secrets making it easy for you to complete the design process without it being overwhelming.  Now you can design like the pros, I  highly recommend this interior styling course!”

as well another expert member of our Design Team Jannicke from Tiny Little Pads explains why she loves this course…

“As a design expert for Destination Nursery I was given the opportunity to review this course first hand and give some feedback. If you are one of those who find yourself spending hours pinning kids rooms and kids room products on Pinterest, saving images from your Instagram and dreaming of beautiful colors, patterns and textures, this is a DREAM COURSE + GIVEAWAY.  The course is built on four easy to follow modules covering all the major challenges you can encounter while designing on your own, in a way that won’t leave you hanging, frustrated or overwhelmed. The course is filled with amazing insider’s tips and tricks to make your own little Petite Interior space in your home. You even get to learn how to make the beautiful Design Boards that we all love from Petite’s Feed, and you don’t need an expensive software to do so!”





1- 15 extra entries will added to your score, answer this question by sharing with us below…please include your instagram HANDLE in your comment here too…

2- questionLooking at the home page for kids rooms 101….What is one key thing this course can teach you? + share your current project you would like to complete, nursery nook, nursery, or kids space….GOOD LUCK!!

3- must be following all 3 brands (US + @kidsrooms101 + @petitinteriorco)  included in this giveaway via instagram + like our instagram giveaway image…see instagram for extra ways to enter daily!

giveaway runs: MONDAY through MONDAY,  April 30 – May7th 2018….ending at 11:59 PM MST




**We are an affiliate partner with Kids Rooms 101…all reviews and opinions are our own….Thank you  🙂

24 thoughts on “Kids Rooms 101 + A International GIVEAWAY”

  1. To have all the skills and tools that you’ll need to make all of your decorating decisions with confidence


    Current project is change miss 18months nursery to a big girl room

    1. excited to see how you change from a nursery to a big girl room! we would love for you to have a chance to utilize this course

  2. This course would help give me some expert design tips, help me push my comfort zone on styles or something bold and just help provide direction on how to create the room (from a blank canvas).


    My current project is to create a young kids room (2.7 yo), in a new house where his furniture doesn’t fit the new room. So staring from scratch.

  3. I’ve been putting together an entire house as well as my daughter’s room and baby girl’s nursery that is due May 12th. So I have been overwhelmed with decisions lately!

    I would finish baby girl’s nursery!

    1. cant wait for you to finish baby girls nursery and see how you will utilize this course!!

  4. To have the confidence and basic skill set in styling a dream room for my kids.

    We are renting but would still like to create a practical but stylish room for my 2 year old and 1 year old daughter and son. @jackiedaezborja

  5. Would love to learn chic shelf styling while transitioning from baby to toddler rooms. I feel like I have a huge mess of cute decor that doesn’t always fit together. @audiesweetkent

    1. sounds perfect! this course would be the answer in helping you achieve all of this!
      thanks for entering xx

  6. I am about to *try* and design all 3 of my childrens rooms for a new home we are building. I am completely stuck for ideas for all 3 (7 yrs girl, 4 yrs girl, nearly 2 yrs boy). My biggest struggle is that i usually buy everything i see that i like, then i struggle to put it all together and fit it all in. I NEEEEED this course! @telle_t ?

  7. I would love a modernized room for my baby. I have so much space and too little things to fill it. This would be the perfect fit for my baby’s room!

    Instagram: _rochellechen

  8. I’d love to start working on my children’s next “big kid” rooms and space is my biggest issue. Also their is limited light in these bedrooms and limited wall space as two-thirds walls have either windows, doors, or wardrobes.

    1. small space no problem, this course will help with that! thank you so much for entering

  9. We are downsizing for at least six months and my children – boy and girl will be sharing a room. Would love to learn how to blend their loves/styles ❤️ together.

  10. The one key thing the course can teach me is how to be more creative with children’s spaces and implement what I come up with.

    We’ve just purchased our first property and our current project is our kids bedroom. The challenge is balancing it for a newborn and 5 year old to share.

    Instagram: cookiedreamz

  11. I would love to learn some simple practical storage solutions. A way to keep a very small room tidy but also accessible for little hands to discover and play. I would also love to have the confidence to add colour and texture and to create a unique style.


  12. Hi there just heard about destination nursery.
    Need a room make over for my twin daughters about 5 years old.
    I cannot afford it. If you are still doing the giveaways. please do let me know.
    Thank you

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