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  1. I’m am loving your site that is overflowing with ideas & inspiration! I’m a graphic designer & blogger at Ink’d Design {} & would love to collaborate with you on your next destination nursery. I offer double sided 11×14 prints, which allow consumers to re-decorate on a whim by just flipping it over! Kind of a 2-for-1 deal. You can see a lot of my work in my Etsy shop here:

    I also own an online jewelry store called, Olive Lane. I’d be happy to do a giveaway & promo code for your readers. You can see my pieces here:

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Hi,

    Abe here, I am working with a client that runs a very popular children’s boutique store I was wondering if you do featured posts and would consider covering the store in a blog post. Kindly let me know.

    Thanks in advance


  3. Good day,

    My company, Bump Nest, would be very interested to in being featured on your website.

    I’m know you receive numerous inquiries but I think our product would be a perfect fit!

    Bump Nest™ offers superior sleep products that moms-to-be crave (and deserve) with a unique solution for acid-reflux and a body pillow that offers rest from all those other awful nighttime pains. Goodbye, sleepless nights…hello, sweet dreams.

    Please feel free to check out our website to see if our product would be something you’re interested in!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    (858) 605-1747

  4. I would love to be featured on your website. I think our products would fit right in with your site, we make organic products for children such as Leggings, Headbands, Beanies, and much more!

    I think my products well do very well on your site since more and more women are becoming aware of organic baby items, with non-toxic inks.

    Please check out our site and let me know what you would like to review!

    We are in the middle of moving our shop on our own website

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!


  5. My name is Denise Stone and I have recently started a new business, called WISE LOOKS, A company so far of darling hair Accessories! I would love to join my product to your wonderful company and do a giveaway! I also think my products would be great in your website! I hope to talk soon.. I’m starting to get my name out there and its been a fun adventure and encouraging to see so many other business owners/bloggers like yourself doing great and succeeding! I hope to talk soon.
    Denise Stone
    WISE LOOKS- Etsy
    Wiselooksmama – Instagram

  6. am a mom of two boys and have recently started a baby and toddler t shirt line. I carry sizes 6months-4T and only use American Apparel shirts to be printed on. I design all my own shirts and have started an Instagram account that already has over 4000 followers. I am really hoping to take this company to the next level and I truly feel like advertising in a magazine/blog like yours, it could help me get there! Please consider my company and I look forward to working together!

    My website and Instagram account are below.

    Stephanie Lynn Jonas

  7. Hi my name is Shalisha Loyd. I just launched my line of teething necklaces on Etsy in December. I am a hardworking stay at home Mama of two and in my “spare” time I am an abstract acrylic painter and jewelry designer. Since having my last son who is now 10 months old I’ve become obsessed with teething jewelry. I am fascinated by how much babies love them. What even more amazing about these necklaces is seeing how much joy it brings Mama’s. My goal has been to make unique necklaces for woman that help expressive their unique style while still being safe and soothing for their little ones to play and chew on. Please check out my Etsy shop and let me know what you think. I love your website and how you are supporting creative and passionate moms to pursue their dreams. I would love to be one of them.

  8. Hello! My name is Lauren and I own Darling for Days Boutique. My boutique is online shopping from Sacramento, CA all over the US. I recently had the amazing opportunity to leave my full time career as a Marketing Director to be home with my two children and focus my attention on growing my boutique. I have loved reading the resources you have here for Moms and I hope you will find my boutique a good fit for your audience. Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Hello! My name is Danielle Leatham. I am an artist and mother of three! I hand draw, hand print and paint all my art. I have a children’s shirt line I just started this year. I also sell tea towels, art prints, and my original artwork. Please checkout my website and let me know what you would like to review!

  10. Hello! My name is Danielle Leatham. I am an artist and mother of three! I hand draw, hand print and paint all my art. I have a children’s shirt line I just started this year. I also sell tea towels, art prints, and my original artwork. Please checkout my website and let me know what you would like to review!

  11. Hello! My name is Erica, mom of three, and i work with an amazing small group of moms who created an affordable, all natural line of moisturizing skin serum for both moms & babies. We pride ourselves in having stayed away from chemicals, while still making it an affordable purchase at only $15 per 12oz bottle! I’d love to get you a sample and have you review it and help spread the word, if you’re interested. Please visit our website at and email me if there is something specific you’d like to try.
    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much!

  12. Hello!

    My name is Chris Lane and I am a marketing intern at We are a company that allows people to give financial investments as gifts to friends, children, and loved ones. And we are looking to increase the awareness of what we offer! I was wondering if you could help us?

    After following your posts, it seems like the target audience for your blog and social media is a mother seeking tips on parenting. This is our target audience as well at SparkGift! So here is the quick question: If we were to create an image for your Instagram would you consider posting it?

    – The image would be aligned with the content you already post (ensuring that it “fits in”)
    – We can compensate you for the post
    – You can chose the wording/caption of the post if you wish
    – It will significantly help out your viewers as they discover a way to invest in their child’s future and give the gift that keeps on giving

    Let me know your thoughts!

  13. HI! my name is Esti and my company’s name is Lilac & Lavender. We carry hair accessories, paci clips and coming this spring we will have an exclusive line of drool bibs, plush toys and mocassins! Please check us out at or on Etsy LilacAndLavenderKids! We’re on instagram as well @lilacandlavenderkids! I would love to be featured on your website!

  14. Hello! I am the owner of YouthfulNest, a new trendsetting, online interior design consultancy focused on spaces for babies, children and young adults. We translate our clients’ online design inspiration from Pinterest or Houzz into real-life, well-designed rooms – bridging the gap between full-service interior design and D.I.Y. We would love to reach your viewers who are also our target audience! Let’s chat about a collaboration! Best, Lisa

  15. Hello! I have been following your blog and I also love your Instagram feed.

    I am a blogger at and also just launched my new little shop called Hooray Littles. We sell carseat swaddles or swaddles that can be used in any 3-5 point harness like a stroller or bouncer etc.

    I am interested in collaborating with you! I would love to have you advertise for us and I would also love to give away a swaddle to one of your followers/readers. Feel free to check out our website and Instagram. & @hooraylittles .

    Hope to hear from you!


    Sandra Sanford
    Hooray Littles

  16. Hi Lovely Ladies,
    Love your Instagram feed and blog. I am so impressed by your reach and content. I’m a mother of two, stay at home mom and owner/designer of my line [Diamonds Forevs] of fancy, fun and whimsical capelets, vests, hair crowns, Crystal belts, dancewear and other luxe must haves made in Los Angeles. I utilize local vendors and suppliers using my own two hands to make most my line.
    I am looking to collaborate with a blog/network of moms that can help me take my small local business to another level. My items are one of a kind, fancy and still fun. They are great for styling photoshoots, flower girls, first communions, birthdays and other special days. I also offer DIY floral wreath kits for parties where girls of all ages can make their very own party favor to take home made with lots of love and personal style. Many of my items are one size fits all and make great gifts, party favors and great hand me downs to siblings and friends.
    I’ve been a clothing designer for over 15 years for various Licensed brands such as Hello Kitty, Hilary Duff and Disney. Diamonds Forevs is two years new and I would love to work with you in some capacity. Thanks so much and here are some more of my social media links:
    Web: Instagram: diamonds_forevs .

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