Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This past sunday we blessed our sweet baby girl! This day was so special to us! We had family come from all over just to see this sweet baby. Whenever there is something special naturally it needs to be celebrated with a party right? This theme is perfect for a […]


Easter Cookies……animal cracker style

This is our favorite time of year…spring flowers, little chicks, & bunnies means Easter is right around the corner!  It’s literally just a few short weeks aways!  To kick off your fun Easter celebrations, these cookies are sure to be a crowd pleaser! You can have fun making them with […]

DIY bow head wraps

DIY baby bow head wraps

Who doesn’t love a giant bow on top of a little babies head? I mean there is nothing cuter!  And since nesting is in FULL force around here I’m quickly making these before our little babe shows up!  Today is your day to bust out the sewing machine for a […]


6 fun and easy tips for decorating your home for the holidays this year!

Christmas is in just 4 short weeks!  Since we like to enjoy our Christmas decorations longer than just a couple weeks, we start our decorating mid November!  Sounds silly I know but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of Christmas spirit. Plus since we are supposed to be having a […]