For my daughter Gigi’s first birthday I threw her a Fancy Pants Birthday Party!

So watch out, things are about to get fancy.

Let’s start with decor. I had a very limited budget, and by limited I mean technically none. So I tried to use things I had around. Which, luckily in my case, is a lot of random stuff.

Fancy Blog Photos - 12
Fancy Blog Photos - 16

To help my guest feel even fancier when they arrived I set out a dress table. I made fascinators (miniature headpieces) for the women to choose from, and bowties for the gentlemen.

Fancy Blog Photos - 11 Fancy Blog Photos - 07
Fancy Blog Photos - 09
Fancy Blog Photos - 10

The fancy party hats were actually very easy to make, and very inexpensive!

The tutorial for the Fancy Party Hats is here!!

For the tables I simply cut giant felt “1”s and then placed out some sugar cookies I made. I also used those Ikea champagne flutes (rimmed with hot pink sprinkles) to give the tables some pop.

Fancy Blog Photos - 22
Fancy Blog Photos - 30 Fancy Blog Photos - 36

My mom and sister helped do the food. They went OVER THE TOP! I hope they didn’t feel any pressure…

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Fancy Blog Photos - 19
Fancy Blog Photos - 18
Fancy Blog Photos - 15 Fancy Blog Photos - 17
Fancy Pants Party - 008

To keep people happy I made a “Pin the Fancy Pants on the Pony” game and a photo wall with some fun signs.

Fancy Pants Party - 125
Fancy Blog Photos - 33Fancy Blog Photos - 13

Ginger, of course, would not keep her party hat on.

Fancy Blog Photos - 26 
Fancy Blog Photos - 27 Fancy Blog Photos - 32
Fancy Blog Photos - 01 Fancy Blog Photos - 20 Fancy Blog Photos - 05 Fancy Blog Photos - 02
Fancy Blog Photos - 51

But let’s get to what really matters. The baked goods. I plan on doing individual posts with the details of each baked good. So let me know if you have any questions. I did all the sweets!

Fancy Blog Photos - 41
Fancy Blog Photos - 38 Fancy Blog Photos - 37
Fancy Blog Photos - 39
Fancy Blog Photos - 45
Fancy Blog Photos - 50 Fancy Blog Photos - 47

There are SO many more photos I want to share. But we’ll start with just that! I don’t want to overwhelm you. Too late? All in all, it was a wonderful day. And despite the face she’s making with me, Gigi loved all the attention. Attention and sugar.

Fancy Blog Photos - 34 Fancy Blog Photos - 21

A HUGE thanks to Heather Mildenstien Photography for these BEAUTIFUL photos.There are more to come! If you can handle it?

Happy Fancy Pants to you!


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