Are you in need of a wedding present? Or perhaps, like me, you just can’t stand to serve your baked goods without some sort of statement? Well you’re in luck. I have JUST the thing for you. The “Shut Your Pie Hole” pie plate.

Shut your pie hole - 05

Shut your pie hole - 06

What’s that you say? You don’t feel totally comfortable giving someone a gift that says, “Shut Your Pie Hole?” Well, that’s too bad. But, you can use this tutorial to transfer anything you draw, design, or rip off from someone else (not that I endorse that last one) onto any sort of ceramic item.

I have seen a couple people blog about the use of these great pens (I especially like Ez’s uses for them found on Creature Comforts) the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 pens. They were first featured in LIVING a while back, and I thought the same thing then, as I did when I saw them on other blogs, “There has to be a way to transfer the design so that you don’t have to do it all freehand!”

And then it came to me! GRAPHITE PAPER.

I know, am I a crafty genius or what? Actually I’m sure someone has thought of it, but I want you to know, I felt really, really clever.

Moving ON! I thought the perfect thing to try it on would be the pie plate that I’ve been dreaming of making forever.

Ok! Let’s get crafty.

Shut your pie hole - 02 
1. Pebeo Porcelaine 150 pens 
I got mine at Micheal’s. I really dislike the one near my house, but it’s the only place I found them.

2. Something white and ceramic 
I had THE HARDEST time finding a plain white pie plate that wasn’t super expensive. I found this one at Target, it is from the Giada De Laurentiis line and it was around $20. Let me know if you find anything better. Giada, thanks for the pie plate, but why do you always have SO MUCH cleavage? I also have used a butter dish from Target ($6) and a ramekin (like to make Creme Brulee!) I think it would make the CUTEST favor to serve people their creme brulee and then when they eat it it has their name or a message to them underneath! Gigi’s first birthday is coming up…

2. Graphite paper
I found mine at Micheal’s.

3. A design
I created a free template for you that you can download here if you would like to use mine!

4. A pencil
Check out the one my friend Nichelle gave me for Christmas! (my married name is Robertson)
Shut your pie hole - 01

5. Tape


This is so ridicioulsy easy I feel silly even explaining…but I will!

1. Cut out your design, then cut our your graphite paper so they match up.

2. Place your graphite paper (dark side down) onto your ceramic surface. Then tape your design on top of the graphite paper to hold them both in place.

3. With your pencil trace your design. This will transfer it to your surface. You can see that here with a butter dish I’m working on (it says FAT = FLAVOR).

Shut your pie hole - 07

Shut your pie hole - 08

Here’s the pie plate pre-paint pens.

Shut your pie hole - 04

4. You will be able to “erase” any lines you don’t like with a damp paper towel (or your finger if you’re sloppy like me).

5. With your Porcelaine 150 paint pen draw over your design! Now, I will say this isn’t a PERFECT method. On the butter dish you can see that the graphite line shows through the lighter orange color.

Shut your pie hole - 09
Wait until your paint dries (an hour at most) and then you can use a dry paper towel to remove any lines NOT covered by paint. Also, if you mess up with your paint pen you can scratch it off and start over. (I used the plastic corner of my paint pen package for small areas I wanted to clean up.) But! Any little bits of graphite trapped under the paint kind of show. They are not SUPER dark, but they exist. So I suggest outlining things with a darker color (as I did for the pie plate) or drawing your paint lines right next to but not ON the graphite line.

6. Then you just follow the directions on the pen. Let the piece dry for 24 hours, then bake it at 300 degrees for 35 minutes.



Shut your pie hole - 11

I did one other design too. It’s a bit more traditional. If you can be traditional while saying, “shut your pie hole.” This one still needs to be baked.

Shut your pie hole - 10

And I’ll have my butter dishes to show you tomorrow or early next week!

So I hope you find something fun to decorate with these pens! If you do I’d of course LOVE to see it! Like really. You have no idea how giddy it would make me.

I think you’re all the best, now, go shut your pie hole.



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