Here is a really pretty hand made pinecone that will work perfectly with all of your Holiday decor.

Supplies needed – pattern, pipe cleaners, tooling leather*, spacers**, hole punch and water.

*I used 2 – 3 oz oak tanned leather sides, you can buy a scrap bag from your local leather store or from here.
**Spacers should be about 1/8 inch thick. I used leather, but you could use felt, plastic or cardboard if you don’t have thicker leather.

Download Pinecone Pattern Here.


To transfer pattern to leather, simply wet the leather with a spray bottle.

Place pattern on top, trace over pattern with chopstick or sharp point.

Pattern will be carved in the leather. Cut out your pieces. Trace and cut 3 pieces of each size within the pattern.

Punch holes in the center of your pieces.


Using a spray bottle,

spray your pieces wet.

Pinch your pieces up.

Then push the ends up. Set aside to dry.

Tie off one end of your pipe cleaner.

Beginning with your biggest piece, thread your pieces on your pinecone, using a spacer between each piece.


Once you’re done, putting all the pieces on, cut off the end of the pipe cleaner, tying a little knot in the end.

Spray again, very lightly to do final shaping as it dries fully.


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