Small and Simple Things

One of the greatest lessons I have learned while Running a Business and Raising a Family at the same time…is that “Through SMALL and SIMPLE things Great Things are Brought to Pass!”

This advice really can apply to any aspect of your Life. I always try to remember that Rome was not built in a day! While Developing your Business and Raising a family Its easy to look at your progress and get discouraged when you haven’t reached certain benchmarks yet! Sometimes you may feel your on the Slow road to China and might not ever make it!

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture (VISION)…even though you might have only taken little baby steps, its the end result that matters most! For Example, When I launched my first line of baby wear and accessories in my own exclusive print designs…it took me 8 months to get it even ready for launching! I could have easily given up after a couple of months…but stayed persistent to accomplish my goal. Not only did I have just a little amount of time I could apply to it each day (because I had 4 small children at the time)…but I experienced major Opposition and Set Backs while developing it. However, after many months of hard work and dedication little by little my Goal was Accomplished! Despite my seemingly small progress at first… by the time I finished I was even further on the Road to Success!

It’s the PERSISTENCE that will bring you the success of that goal…for many this is the hardest part! Its easy to give up when the end feels so far away…but I know speaking from experience that its the little things that matter most which will soon compile into Bigger and Better things! Patience is the Key and all will happen in DUE TIME!

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