Because we love Mexican food so much we are gearing up early for our Cinco De Mayo celebration by preparing some old and new favorites. This fresh and delicious recipe is to die for…the sauce makes it taste like you just stepped into an authentic Mexican restaurant!

tacosCook ½ lb Pork Shoulder roast in crock pot until tender (about 5-6hours). I also used chicken and it was delicious!  Put enough water in pot to cover bottom. Add salt and Pepper to top. Once pork is done make sauce.


-2T Ketchup

-¼ C Canola Oil

-1 t Cinnamon

-¼ C Brown Sugar

-1 ½ t Allspice

-1 t Nutmeg

-1 t Pepper

-2 t Soy Sauce

-2 t Thyme

-1 chunk Ginger (about 1 inch)

-6 Cloves Garlic

-4 Green Onions Chopped

-Juice 2 Limes

-4 Pablano Green Peppers

Mix in food processor until desired texture.

Add some sauce to shredded pork to flavor, enough sauce to dress tacos. Place pork on corn tortillas or gluten free tortillas for a gluten free meal! Dress with extra sauce, cilantro, and mango. Enjoy!


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