We had a really good time at Rilo’s 2nd birthday party!  At 39 weeks pregnant, I knew I wanted to make it as stress free as possible.  We rented a room at our local library which was the best decision.  When I sent out invites I realized that there would be around 20 1-3 year olds!!  The big huge room, with nothing to break and a door that closed was absolutely perfect for all the kids (and the moms too!).  We filled the floor with balloons and all the kids ran around and played for 2 hours.

The library had policies on hanging things on their walls so I bought 2 large presentation boards and decorated those for the backdrops for the food and drink tables.  For food there were Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes, Seafruit (fruit), Sea Anemone (Veggies), Sushi Rolls (Assorted Wraps), Goldfish and Whale crackers.  The star of the show was going to be macaroons shaped like oysters, with a pearl inside, but they fell through last minute.  Instead I brought peanut butter bars, which I was going to label driftwood.  I’ve never claimed cake decorating as a skill of mine, which is evident from the pictures.  Luckily it tasted just fine!

For activities, I made a wooden fishing game.  I bought a dowel rod, some magnets and little wooden painted sea creatures from the craft store.  I used hot glue, but I would suggest using something stronger, like E3000 for gluing the magnets.  We had some that came off during the party (hello choking hazard!).  We had a craft table where the kids made an octopus with a paper plate and crepe paper.  I also had a Pin-the-Scale of the Fish game, but we didn’t even get to that part…the kids loved the balloons the most!
For favors, Alison from The Alison Show, taught me how to use royal icing and we frosted mini fish cookies for everyone to take home.  The party wasn’t as crazy detailed and styled as I had it in my head, but I had a great time and hopefully everyone else did to.  And really, that’s what matters!

Thanks to everyone that came and special thanks to my girl Kayti, who came to our rescue and helped us bring all the food and supplies to the library last minute!

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