In honor of mother’s day and the launching of moms best network we asked our contributors to share with us about what empowers them as a mother…
Here are a few of my thoughts as I reflect on motherhood…

Motherhood has been one of the greatest experiences of my life…I feel that as my children continue to grow and go through varying stages I continue to cherish and appreciate being their mother more and more each day.  Each one of my children are different.  “What may have worked for my oldest may not work for my youngest” etc…Despite the challenges I have faced as a mother I would never trade this opportunity and blessing for all the money in the world.

Just a few insights into what empowers me as a mother! 

I am empowered when my children share their gratitude and appreciation towards me and others...

With the coming of our last baby girl Presley, there is a 6 1/2 year gap between her and my youngest boy Jackson as he was once the baby of the family…I could not help but feel a little disconnect between Jackson and I, especially since he used to have most of my time and attention. Just this week I was feeling bad about it when he gave me that natural reassurance I needed. He has been a little under the weather and asked me to tuck him into bed…while I was rubbing his head {as it was hurting him very badly}…he said “Thank you mom! You are the best mom in the whole world!” Talk about melting my heart. Somehow this darling little boy knew exactly what I needed to hear! I was reassured once again why I love being a mother.

I sometimes write a little note of encouragement for each one of my children…I especially love it when each one of them will randomly write me a sweet little note too…telling me how much they love and appreciate what I do for them. These kind reassurances always seem to come at the right time… and just when I need it most! As well when they carry it a step further and write notes to each other full of love and appreciation.

 I am empowered when I see how my children love and care for their baby sister Presley…

It truly warms my heart to witness how much they really love her…She has brought us pure JOY! Seriously the best thing we ever did for our family was to have this little caboose. She has been a constant reminder to cherish each moment and enjoy this journey along the way!

I am empowered when I see the fruits of my labors…

 Over the past 10 years I have been blessed to contribute to my families financial success while still being a full-time stay at home mother! What started as a hobby 10 years ago within a year turned into a full-time business. Sweet Pea Baby was created out of my desire to find high quality keepsakes for my two young girls. As my customer base grew so did my desire to create more…soon we expanded to apparel and more accessories. Running a business from your home brings on many challenges. We overcame those challenges through organization and teamwork…my children have witnessed the value of hard work as well as setting a goal and working to accomplish it.  When it comes to the household chores everyone has to work together as moms time is somewhat limited while running the daily operations of a business, as well as running everyone to practices and music or dance lessons,…I become even more empowered when my husband and children help to lighten my burden by helping with some of the daily household doing the dishes,  cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming and folding the weekly laundry,  etc, etc.  It is especially heartwarming when I see my children take their own initiative and help to organize or clean something without me even asking them to do it.

Lastly, I am especially empowered to be a better mother when I have the opportunity to get regular exercise 3-4 times a week

What sometimes can be viewed as a selfish thing, you are really doing your family the biggest favor… by taking care of you both physically and emotionally! In turn when you feel better about you, then you are much more equipped to help your family feel good too! Its a little reverse psychology and I promise not in the least bit selfish.  You actually do a disservice to your family if you do not take the time to properly care for yourself, this includes eating right, getting adequate sleep, and exercising on a regular basis. Its not always easy to arrange but I can assure you that as long as you try your efforts will be rewarded tremendously. After I exercise, I often feel like I could do anything!

What an amazing opportunity motherhood has been…I feel so lucky to have such a
supportive and encouraging husband as well as to be blessed with 5
amazing children…I am so blessed to be their mother!

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