Naturally this time of year brings more reflection about life, goals, family memories and more. 2012 for me has been full of adventure, fun, sadness, hope, love, and learning. I have always been an optimist but with the many challenges I’ve faced this year…it has been difficult to maintain that optimism…honestly it’s been one of my hardest to date.

The one thing that has pushed me through is counting my many wonderful blessings. An attitude of gratitude has been my only saving grace, as many times I have wanted to simply give up! I am grateful for family and the support of my sweet husband…he is my best friend. Without his love and the love and support of my dear sweet children I could not do anything. What a blessing it is to be their mother.

Unfortunately I am both a dreamer and a doer…but the hard part is I crave perfection and want to accomplish my goals RIGHT NOW. But that is not always how it works. Patience is a virtue and not one of my best. I came across this quote one day which has inspired me and reminded me that I do not always have to be perfect…progress is the key…just enjoy the journey.


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