There is something so special and wonderful about starting NEW!

The energy that comes along with that NEWNESS is exciting, inspiring, invigorating, and above all hopeful! Not one of us is perfect…which means we will always be striving to do better.  With a new year comes opportunity and desire to want to do and be better!

Over the past few years I have changed the way I set goals.  I have many goals and things I aspire to accomplish but I have recognized that each year as I begin a new year I don’t want to overwhelm my self or even set myself up to feel the guilt of not accomplishing a specific list of goals by a specific time.

I believe in the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations.

My thought process changed  over 4 years ago after I read the Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.  Change your thinking and you change your life!

The beauty of this change is simple…it literally only requires a few minutes a day!  Follow this simple 3-step process for a New Year New You and you will notice a big difference in a matter of just a few days!

1. First you begin by making a simple list of positive affirmations …these are positive words that describe an action required to accomplish a specific goal or desired situation.  For example, most people want to look and feel their best…with that in mind perhaps you have a goal to lose weight.  Whatever amount it may be,  some positive words that would describe this action could be….I eat healthy, I can exercise regularly, and I look amazing all while visualizing the end result.  There is  great power in motivating your subconscious mind to take over and create within you the ability to accomplish this task.

2. Second, you combine these positive affirmations with one of the most powerful statements in the english language…I AM.  I call them  I AM statements!  So now write down your list of I AM statements, think creatively about the action words needed to accomplish your overall goals.  Some examples may be,  I AM  healthy,  I AM skinny, I AM energized, I AM disciplined etc.  Once you create these I AM statements,  your subconscious mind will quickly go to work to accomplish these positive affirmations if you believe you can achieve them!

3. Third, you write these statements down on an index card or quickly print this I AM card template here I have created just for you.  Once you have created your card of I Am statements…read it a few times a day.  I try to do it first thing in the morning and before I go to bed but anytime will make a difference.  I have found true power in doing this simple exercise.  Stating my simple I AM statements each day has been life-changing.  I have literally found myself doing these positive actions without even realizing it.  One of my statements is I AM organized…strange but true I find myself as I go about my daily activities compelled to organize…the other day I started organizing one of my cupboards.  About a third of the way into the task I realized my I AM statement was working!



Here is an example of what happened to me…over 4 years ago I wanted to get into shape and lose weight. It was about 2 1/2 years after my 4th baby and sadly I was still about 15 lbs overweight. I always loved to exercise and poured my heart into running just like I did after every one of my other babies.  But this time I just wasn’t getting down in my weight like before.  I realized I needed to make some changes, so I decided to change my diet.  I had never dieted before in my life so I was not sure what to do but knew I had to somehow change the way I ate.  Determined to be healthier and feel better I did a ton of research and decided on the best way of eating for me.  I combined exercising, eating better, and my simple I AM statements…within 3 months I had lost that 15 pounds! Feeling better and more confident I wanted to keep challenging myself so I decided to really push myself in a way I had never before and go for another 15 lbs…within another 3 months I did it! I felt amazing and empowered to do whatever I set my mind to!  So not only was I able to meet my initial goal but I went beyond with a new goal firmly believing In my mind that I could do it!  I was now a believer in…Change your thinking and you change your life!

Over a year and a half ago I had a 5th baby and gained a healthy 30 lbs during that pregnancy. After this last baby I applied the same principles above and got an amazing result by getting back to the new me within only 5 months after delivery!  This ended up being my best pregnancy to date. I ate healthy and exercised regularly up to about 32 weeks.  One of the most amazing things I realized as I look back is that when I delivered this last baby I weighed about the same weight I usually did during my first trimester!  The reason, I had lost that weight before and started out in a better place.  So with my other 4 pregnancy’s I was 25 lbs heavier at delivery.  I do not share this experience to sound like I am bragging, this was an important testament to me in the power of what I could do if I set my mind to it.

I am now a firm believer in combining positive affirmations with simple I Am statements. In this new year I will change up the I AM statements on my card as I adjust my current goals…I know this exercise works and will change your life…I challenge you to try it! Here’s to the New Year and to a New You!  YOU CAN DO IT!

Download your I AM statement card template here

as well download this awesome I AM printable below to hang on your wall…


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