Have you ever found something on Pinterest that is just darling, amazing, and so spectacular that you’ve just gotta have it?! So, you click on that picture hoping to find a link of where you can buy it and… nothing! You search and search and search in vain, only to finally find that the link is broken or your search leads you nowhere…the item doesn’t exist for purchase!  Well not anymore. I came across this amazing site with an even more amazing new concept…you can now actually buy what you  pin or buy what other people pin at!  You really must go an check it out!

I was lucky enough to come across a contest a couple weeks ago where was giving away a ticket to ALT Summit to their favorite  board full of stylish items to wear to ALT Summit…and YES, I am the Lucky Winner!  I seriously never enter anything, therefore I have never won anything until now!   I am super excited to attend the conference this week, as I’ve heard so many positive things it can help you do in running your business etc.  I’m  sorta like a entrepreneurial business geek, so to speak, I love opportunities to improve in business and to personally become better.  Looking forward as well to meeting the amazing team at for breakfast.  I want to let them know how grateful I am for this opportunity they have given me…thank-you!

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