We have been so busy behind the scenes lately with lots of new upcoming projects we just can’t wait to share! This series is one of those projects we have been working on for a few months and we are finally bringing it to reality! I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the series and answer one of our questions and share just a little bit about me…honestly, that is the last thing I ever like to do is bring any attention my way. I love helping and creating opportunities for other women to feel empowered and respected for who they are and it is our wish that Mom’s Best will continue to be that place to help make it happen!

We plan to feature weekly, an inspiring woman/mom…we feel there are so many amazing women we can all be inspired by!  Along with these features we will sometimes include some amazing giveaways. There’s nothing we like more than sharing awesome products/brands with you!

To kick off the series and our theme for February being the month of LOVE…we are focusing on the Power of Love…there is so much power in love!

Q= What do you feel is the best way to make sure your children feel loved?

A= Sometimes as moms we get overwhelmed. I know I often do, as mom’s we try to do it all.  Despite the endless projects I find myself doing I always try to make sure my children feel my love.  Really I  just try to make it a priority…my work comes second to my family. As long as I put their needs first then they are happy.  So if I have to work each night after my kids go to bed till 2 in the morning just to make sure they have what they need…then I do it.  I also try to plan in daily one on one time. Whether its just giving lots of loves and hugs or listening to my children talk about their day.  My oldest is 14 and I have noticed that even the big kids need those daily hugs! I heard a wise person say; “How do you spell love?  T I M E “. I try to do my best in giving my children the time and attention they need…motherhood is the toughest yet most rewarding job I have ever had.  I feel so blessed to be a mom.


The past couple of years life for me has been extra crazy…starting a couple new ventures as well as juggling 5 kids. Christmas cards seem to be impossible so I started sending out a yearly Valentine Card. I think I like it much better! Here is a look at the postcard style Valentine Card I created to send out to all my friends and family. Photographed by the amazing Heather Telford  at Heather Telford Photography!  Just a note: you will be seeing a lot more of Heather’s work here on Mom’s Best as she will be working with us regularly as we bring you this fun series.


Styled by me. Items came from American Eagle, Gap, Target,and Old Navy.

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