close-up-jen-+-rubySuper excited to share  A peek at motherhood… with a real life wonder woman Jen Stagg!   Wonder woman in the sense that from the outside looking in she appears to be doing it all! Then after you get to know her you can truly see how she can do it all…she is so inspiring, she makes you want to be a better person.  Her newly launched blog  With Heart says it all…she does everything to the fullest,  believing that  if something is worth doing, it’s worth putting your all into it. Live life with passion. Live it with heart! She truly takes this to heart as a wife and a new mom to darling baby ruby…she is also a TV reporter/anchor, and  the founder of a new blog >> With Heart!

What an honor it was to meet Jen and her darling little family and get to know her better! We love her mommy chic style!  Such a perfect day to photograph her and baby Ruby and some 7AM Enfant chic winter accessories.  It even started lightly snowing as you can see…which makes these pictures look even more magical.  Taken by the talented Heather Telford Photography. Thank you Heather, Jen, baby ruby and 7AM Enfant!  Their products are divine, super comfy and cozy…the pookie poncho below is so versatile it can be used with your stroller, carseat, and baby carrier/sling.

Jen + Ruby = with heart

Here is A peek into Jen’s life: 

Q=  How do you juggle your career, blog and new mommy-hood?

A= I wish I had a magic, one size fits all answer, but the truth is it’s a constant struggle.  My days are packed, I’m constantly on the run, you can bet there are dirty dishes in my sink or laundry overflowing from the hamper (or likely both), and I usually feel like I’m two steps behind.  I clean and blog late at night when I get home from work.  I put on makeup when I’m driving (terrible, I know!).  About once a month, I spend a day cooking a bunch of meals ahead of time, then freeze them so my man doesn’t eat In N Out every night while I’m working.  I try my best to keep my mornings and weekends open for my daughter and husband, and when I’m with Ruby, I try to be with her in every sense of the word.  She can tell when I’m distracted, and I want to be present.  She is the most important part of the day, and I want her to always know she comes first.  If that means my house is a bit messy and I leave my house with only chapstick on my face, so be it.  And then I pray no one recognizes me:).

Q= With february being the month of love share with us your insights on… how being a new mom has changed your perspective on love?

A= I never knew my heart had the capacity to love so much.  Almost my every thought is of her– if she’s comfortable, healthy, warm, safe, happy, and the list goes on.  Pregnancy and motherhood taught me the true meaning of sacrifice and patience.  I struggled with a very difficult, high risk pregnancy, and as I was going through it, I knew it would be worth it, but I know now I would do it a million times over for her.  She is such a naturally happy, joyful person.  I want her to always know that her father and I would do anything for her– she is so precious.

Q=What inspires you?

A= People.  Their trials and triumphs, stories from life experiences, their bravery and compassion in the face of darkness and hopelessness.  I am always so honored when anyone is willing to trust me with a part of their lives– a sacred moment in time that means so much to them.  I considered it a gift when anyone is willing to share a story with me– whether it’s someone I’m interviewing, a friend needing an ear, or a stranger in the line at the grocery store.  We are surrounded by inspiration and wisdom everywhere we look.  And all we have to do is be open to listening and learning.  People and really great music.  I credit my dance background for that one.

Q= What are 3 things we may not know about you?

A=  1.My daughter is the first person I’ve ever met I’m genetically related to.  I’m adopted.

2.  I hate the word moist.  Bleh.  Something about it just makes me grimace.  I have a hard time even typing it.  It gives me the heebie jeebies.

3.  The very week I got my driver’s license, I was skipping school with a group of friends and got a speeding ticket, combined with a truancy ticket.  I was so afraid to tell my father that I just didn’t.  And I never did.  Two police officers informed him when they showed up at my house with a warrant for my arrest for an unpaid parking violation.  I grounded myself and spent every Saturday for the next month doing yard work.  The guilt nearly ate me alive after I learned just how expensive it was to pay off.  Sorry Dad!

Q= If there is 1 thing you have learned and could share to inspire and help other women/mothers what would it be?

A=  If you have a goal, make a plan and go after it!  Procrastination will only make it more difficult.  Fight.  Jump in with both feet.  You may fail the first time or two, but you’ll find your way.  And don’t let anyone else’s opinion affect your self worth.  Be willing to take (sometimes harsh) constructive criticism, and use it to improve, not to bring you down.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and want you to succeed, not people who are jealous, negative, or bring you down.  And do the same for others.  The feeling of accomplishment is a powerful force.

Thank you Jen for living your life with passion and for inspiring us to do the same!




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