Does eco-friendly, organic, or green really make a difference in the products you buy?

In honor of the month of March, the color green, and spring,…we are certainly thinking green…so we wanted to talk about some of our favorite eco-chic products.  You can find green products for anything and everything that you buy.  Each week we plan to focus on a specific area as we bring you our green series.  About 4 years ago eco-friendly, organic, and green were still fairly new terms that described a new trend for products in the marketplace.  Choosing this option usually meant that the product had gone through a special process, or in that special process a little something was left out in the chemicals or dye which apparently meant it was even better for you and your family.

These terms…organic, BPA free, no phalates, green, eco-friendly etc., have become very much the norm.  Organic is available in clothing, accessories, cleaning poducts and food.   It has become one of the most common ways that brands are marketing their products to consumers.  Even fast food chains and restaurants are promoting their use of fresh organic ingredients.   Is organic/green an important factor in the things that you buy?  Do these terms always means its better for you?

Here are some of our favorite green products starting with…eco-chic in the kitchen:


Check out our post on  cooking organic/green food in the kitchen for the littles in your life… we are giving away an amazing Baby Cook  from Beaba coming soon!

1. Elevate spatulas from Joseph Joseph made with nylon and silicone…so in love with their bright colors!

2. Small Colander from Preserve, made from 100% recycled plastic, BPA free.

3. Epicurean Eco cutting boards from Williams Sonoma, made from 100% certified FSC  certified recycled paper.

4. Oogaa silicone mealtime set, chemical free, dishwasher safe, silicone does not support the growth of bacteria or fungus. Perfectly safe for your baby or toddler. One of our favorites!

5. Baby Cook from Beaba…its all about making your own baby food…you can’t get more organic than that! The Baby Cook makes cooking for your baby and toddler a breeze!

6. Lunch Box from Beaba, designed to keep food warm and safe, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Love the unique design!


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