I love spring…simply because the blossoms on the trees hold the promise of new life. Almost like starting fresh again.  Its even better than a new year…with so many things in the works for mom’s best…my life right now is just a bit hectic.  At times I have been feeling overwhelmed.  As well I have noticed many of you have expressed this same feeling in the things that you are doing too.  Its makes it easy to wish that life had a stop button…wait…hold on a minute while I catch my breath.  As women and mothers we are often pulled in so many directions that it’s a wonder we don’t feel overwhelmed all of the time.   On the other hand when things are so crazy…its easy not to notice truly how we feel…just going through the motions.  I wish I had a magic cure for everyone.  It made me start to wonder if this so called life balance is real or just a myth?  So I did some research and from what I found I can conclude that there is no such thing as life balance.  However, I feel we can still achieve some sense of harmony and inner peace despite the craziness around us.



Thinking about what the theme should be for the month of April as I was cleaning out a closet the thought occurred to me…why not do a little spring cleaning in your daily life! Obviously change has to happen in order for the new and better to occur. So I am choosing to focus on creating a new routine, doing things different than I have ever done before…perhaps letting go a little bit?

Thus my own personal spring cleaning has begun…

If somehow I could become more efficient/organized in my daily routine then perhaps I could avoid feeling overwhelmed.

I am a list maker, some days I mark everything off and others I barely make a dent.  When you are in a state of being overwhelmed it can be easy to get down on yourself when that list is not complete.  I thought by making these lists I was doing myself a favor by making sure I got everything done. For right now its not doing me any favors.   So for this month I am going to try three simple things….

1. Positive thinking…a must!  Start my day reading my list of  I AM statements.

2. Declare how I want to feel?

3. Prioritize my tasks….after featuring inspiring mom Rebekah Westover last week…I felt so inspired to implement her tips on how she gets things done with time to spare.  First she says forget multi-tasking…I am now setting a specific day of the week to focus on different tasks and trying very hard to stick to it!   I asked Rebekah to share more in depth on exactly how she stopped multi-tasking…read her guest post here

Often times we don’t want to admit we are weak…but I think its safe to say that as women juggling life and motherhood we are in the same boat feeling pretty much the same way.  Its nice to know that we are not alone and honestly we are doing much better than we think we are!  I know WE can do it!


Please share with us your thoughts and feelings on how you keep from getting overwhelmed? Is there something specific that has truly helped you? …thank you!



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