Spring is in the air and so is the need to clean and purge.  These past few weeks I feel like we have been doing a lot of spring cleaning at our house.  I love feeling like we are somewhat organized.   Teaching my children to clean started young..first we started with simple tasks and played  match the silverware in the drawer…as they have grown their ability to understand has increased and they have learned to do harder chores that help out even more.  In this day and age a lot of moms work both inside and outside of the home. I know I would not be able to do half of what I do without my children doing their chores.  The one chore that  is a daily must but does not always get done…is to clean their rooms.  I wished that there was some way I could help and encourage them to get it done without a lot of nagging.  I came across this amazing How-to guide to Clean your room….just for kids!  from Heather B Designs. 

How to Cleaning guide for kids

I love the easy to read step by step guide with fun bright illustrations.  The best part my kids love using it and they get the job done right the first time!  To download go here…you will be so glad you did! I decided to have mine laminated for an extra $2, and  it was worth it!  Enter Coupon Code  MOMSBEST15 a special discount just for our readers.


This guide also works for other chores like cleaning the family room etc…the steps are pretty much the same just a different room and my kids do awesome following it!  They are actually excited now to do their chores…my kids crave structure so this colorful easy to read guide is perfect for them.  Thanks Heather B designs for making life a little easier. 🙂



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