Update: Thanks for helping us raise $4, 030…the Auction is now closed but there is still an opportunity for you to donate directly to the “Bringing Baby Jensen Home Adoption Fund” Here…they are still needing to raise a lot more money to bring their baby home!

Tina and Erick Jensen, an Air Force family, were midway through the process of adopting a little one from Ethiopia when Erick was deployed again.  Even though they have been blessed with 3 of their own children Tina feels very strongly about the need to adopt and help a child from Ethiopia. One of Tina’s friend’s Gina from  Oaxacaborn contacted us about 2 months ago with an idea she had for an auction to raise money online through face book…she asked if we would be interested in hosting this on mom’s best.   We told her it was perfect timing for we were already planning to launch a new area of mom’s best called GIVE…this area is focused on making a difference through spreading awareness for causes just like this!

So after hearing Tina’s inspiring story and her journey to adopt a baby from Ethiopia we knew we had to help this family raise what they needed to bring Baby Jensen home!

Tina Jensen


Jensen family childrenPhoto credit: Justine Luetschwager of  OCD Photography

We thought it was appropriate in honor of mother’s day this year to kick off this first fundraiser May 1st-6th over on our face book page.  We are so happy to collaborate with so many wonderful people and brands who have donated all items for this cause.  Please head on over and see the amazing things available to help bring baby Jensen home!  100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to the Jensen family adoption fund.  There is also an option for monetary donations if you are not interested in any products.  Check it out here...

Here are a few more details about Tina Jensen and her adoption journey….

Ever since she was young she has had the desire of helping others.  About 10 years ago she had the opportunity to visit and help at an orphanage in Romania.  The horror she witnessed, from the  young children’s living conditions to human trafficking…touched her heart so much that she vowed one day that she would save a life from horror.  No matter what “American Comfort” she had to give up, she vowed she would return to give a little human that deserves a chance at life so much more.  Romania is a closed country right now…so she says God has led them to Ethiopia for this adoption.  To read more about this adoption please go here…

We express our deepest thanks for all of  your support in partnering with us to help bring baby Jensen home!  Visit the auction now….




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