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When creating your perfect space, the hardest part can be…where do I begin?  Naturally it feels right to start from the bottom and go up…so first pick out the flooring {wood or carpet} and then the area Rug.  Rugs are so important, they really can complete your space.  Go here for our suggestions to finding the perfect Rug.  Once you pick your flooring, you now have a good base to style the rest of the room.   Let’s talk about wood flooring…there are so many types of wood available…our personal favorite to use is the pre-finished wood.


It’s quick and easy with very little mess.  By easy we mean one 10×14 size room can take 4-5 hours.  It’s even easier if you are able to use a professional installer 🙂  But if that is not an option you can for sure save money by just doing-it-yourself.  Thankfully my Husband has had all types of flooring experience as he laid several of our wood floors.  In the case of the nursery make-over however…we were lucky to have the wood floor and installation provided by Edge Homes. They are home building experts!



We offer a few example’s of our favorite types of pre-finished hard wood.  1. Rustic Hickory  2. Natural French White Oak  3. Painted French White Oak  4. Trailblazer mixed hardwood  5. Medium Stained French White Oak


When it comes to picking the color and style of wood…we would like to offer a few suggestions based on our experience of laying 3 hard wood floors.  There are many different types of wood available so if you are not sure what you are looking for it can be a little intimidating.  As well in pre-finished wood there are a few different categories to choose from.  The main ones include engineered and solid hard woods, so far we have used both and as far as style and use we have not noticed any difference. So our suggestion… find the style and color of wood  you want and go with it!

Last but not least based on our experience…we highly recommend going with the following colors of wood for the simple fact of maintenance and cleaning. We have had a light rustic hickory floor  as well as a dark stained oak…we strongly encourage going with something lighter or in between, staying away from the dark’s.  This will help you avoid the need to sweep your floor everyday…the dark stained oak is a beautiful wood, but unfortunately it shows each speck of dirt,dust, and every footprint!  See the examples above…








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