We are in love with the amazing mama’s behind the popular blog Lunchpails and Lipstick…with 9 kids between the three of them, each of them share’s a unique view on motherhood while living in a different part of the country.  It’s been an honor to collaborate with them this month in presenting our first destination nursery give away….here are a few snippets into the live’s of these three ladies, Jenna,Lisa, and Summer.  Read on as these beautiful mamas share their chic style tips to a more confidant and happy you.

Jenna, Lisa, and Summer Lunchpails and Lipsticks

Jenna, Lisa, and Summer

Q: How did the three of you ladies connect and create the concept for L&L?

Jenna had a blog called Mommy in Manhattan and had the idea to add a new element and showcase moms in more areas of the country. She knew Lisa from growing up in AZ together and got in touch with her to see if she would be interested. Lisa and Summer had known each other for years through a mutual friend and had followed each other’s family blogs when they had them several years ago. Lisa had the idea to bring Summer in and have some representation in California.  We immediately all agreed that the concept of the blog should be lifestyle oriented and write about a little bit of everything.  We thought the idea of each bringing our own personality and approach to life could be interesting and be more relatable.


Q: You are all pretty amazing with an obvious talent for fashion and style…share with us your your key style tips that will naturally boost any woman’s self esteem?

The most important thing with feeling confident when dressing is knowing what works for your body type.  When shopping or getting dressed in the morning, try to choose clothing that accentuates the things you love most about yourself.

summer kids 2-1

Summer with her 3 beautiful girls


Lisa with her 3 beautiful little girls!

Q: When it comes to styling your growing broods…what fashion advice can you give for helping to stretch our children’s wardrobes?
Spend the bulk of your money on basic staples like skinny jeans, good shoes or a functional jacket that they will wear over and over. Then mix and match into their wardrobes fun and more trendy things as you see them on sale. So many stores now sell great fashion forward clothes for kids at amazing prices.  We love places like Target, Old Navy and H&M for budget conscious moms.




Jenna and her 3 beautiful children!

Q: As busy mom’s please share with us how you find time to do it all?

It’s a challenge and one we are constantly working on becoming better at it. For us we really try and get all of our blog work done while kids are either napping or already in bed for the night.


Q: What is one challenge you feel we as Mother’s face while raising our children? how can we overcome this….and still raise confidant happy children?

We think a huge challenge is comparing ourselves and our children with others. Whether through social media or within our own families and neighborhoods. We promise that everyone’s life looks better in pictures…even ours!

Mom’s Best:  We could not agree with you more…this idea of comparison can plague even the best of us…we have previously shared more insights on a few ways to avoid the comparison trap both personally as well as in comparing our children. Go here and here to read more details.


Q: What are a few things we may not know about the three of you?
***Lisa- even though I’m a personal trainer and advocate for healthy living I have also been known to consume 12 Sprinkles cupcakes in 20 mins. That was 5 years ago and I haven’t had one since.
***Summer- I have a huge fear of flying.  There are two things I do every time I get on a plane… 1. Talk to the pilots in the cock pit as I board and tell them that I’m scared and to try not to hit turbulence.  I also ask them how long they have been flying because it’s usually many years and that helps me feel a little better.  2. As soon as I sit down I introduce myself to whoever I sit next to and ask them if I can hold hands with them if I get scared.  I have never not held someone’s hand and have made many new friends this way.  Some of which I am still in touch with via facebook.
***Jenna – Since getting married I have lived in San Francisco, Chicago and NYC.  Davis was born in San Fran, Gwen in Chicago and Chloe in NYC. We have definitely adapted to urban living and all the craziness that comes with it. The past 3 years we have lived in NYC and now a suburb right outside the city. We have had many NY moments as a family that made us cry at the time but now have turned into our favorite family stories.  We have been trapped in elevators, my Davis threw up all over a man in the subway, a taxi cab driver didn’t  understand my directions and we ended up an hour from our apartment, my car has been towed to the NYC pound, I have posed for many foreigners with my double stroller and my 3 kids while I’m walking around in NYC.


It’s inspiring to see how you three handle motherhood with ease while keeping yourselves stylish and always looking great! Thank you for sharing some of your life with us here on mom’s best….to read more on their life and adventures check out their blog Lunchpails and Lipstick.


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