Our Mother’s Day week has been amazing and special to feature so many inspiring and wonderful women! To finish with this dear lady is truly an honor…Priscila Barros, founder of Babiekins Magazine, is a wife and mother to 2 handsome boy’s Christian 7 and Carter 5, with a 3rd boy on the way this September.  Babiekins Magazine, is a national publication focused on trendsetting fashion and style for real kids from around the globe. They also share daily posts on their blog featuring a range of fashionable and newbie designers, amazing party ideas, an array of fun DIY projects, family relationships, as well as real issues concerning children.   Their magazine is available in digital and print…you can buy it at any Barnes and Noble stores as well as several international locations found here…   While interviewing Priscila I learned that she was born in Brazil, and at a very young age she and her sister had the opportunity to be adopted by a wonderful family in the united states. I thought it was fitting to have Priscila share some details from another side of adoption…from the perspective of the child who has been adopted.




Q=How has adoption blessed your life?
As a young child, I didn’t really understand what adoption was. I just knew from a young age that I was “unwanted” — at least that’s what it felt like to me. My sister and I were bounced around from house to house, and my birth mom even left us at a daycare for a couple days. You can imagine what those fundamental first years were for me. As a young child (I was probably around 3) I remember going to the local mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the foster family that had custody of us. I would stop at the mannequins and just stare, and I would ask our caregiver if the mannequin wanted to be my mom. Kind of a sad story, but this is reality for so many kids out there, and I was just a lucky one.

This experience has really made me appreciate my life. Born in Brazil, there were so many bad things that could have happened to me, but God really gave me the opportunity to come to the USA and have a life that is full of love and blessings. I think it has also made me a better mom. I appreciate my children so much, and want to be the best mom that I can for them. I would love to someday adopt a girl from Brazil, so she could have the same opportunity that I was given.



Q=Why did you start Babiekins Magazine?
I was actually going through a really hard time in my life when I started Babiekins. My dad had recently passed away, and I needed a distraction from my “real” life. I think I’ve always been a creative person, just ask my mom! If it was her anniversary, I would pull my sister aside and we would make her and my dad dinner, setting the table as romantically as a 8-year-old and 7-year-old could, and I’d make a big deal about everything. I like decorating and celebrating anything and everything, because life is beautiful and so are children. They are precious little creatures, and every stage of their life should be fun. I wanted to create a magazine that not only covered my passion for the kids’ fashion industry, but also was something special parents, grandparents and kids could all share together.



Q=As a momprenuer, can you share your top 3-5 tips for success? Have you ever faced any challenges in your business?

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Being successful means making mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Don’t beat yourself down, but instead learn from what you did and see what you need to do next time.

2. Ask for help! This one is so important. Woman are just busy in general, and if you need help, ask for it. There are usually people out there who are interested in your field and would love to learn from you, so accept their help! Trust me, having those extra hands helps in so many ways. It gives you more time with your family, relieves stress, etc.

3. Take time off! It’s so hard to actually take time off, especially when you have your own business and have a list of must-dos a mile long, but it’s the only way to really rejuvenate your mind. It helps get the creative juices flowing and really just makes you feel better in general.

4. Turn your phones off! I know, it’s totally easy to glance at your phone when you’re at the dinner table or at a family outing but DON’T! Give your family 100% of your attention when you are home! It’s important to leave work at work, be mom at home, and not let either of them affect the other.

5. Only do what you love. This is something I’ve had a hard time with. When I first started Babiekins, I would sometimes showcase items and photo shoots that weren’t exactly me or weren’t something I loved 100%. I wanted to be nice, and didn’t like disappointing people, but by the end of the issue I just wasn’t liking my work so much. So now, I will only put in things I can back up 100%!


Q=What inspires you?

Old movies, old music, vintage clothes and toys! These things are just way to fun to look for and collect, and it’s refreshing. I like watching old “Our Gang” movies, which are usually super clever and really get me thinking of different things I could do. Sometimes my family and I will set up the projector outside, and we will watch old movies and eat s’mores. The boys have a blast, and I love that I can pass down an appreciation for shows and a way of thinking that isn’t so modern. I amextremely inspired by the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s! Just such a simple and magical time in history.

I’m inspired by family. My kids find humor in the littlest things; I want to be just like them. I want to be able to be happy in the simple things, and be able to laugh about the little things. Sometimes we as grown-ups are way too serious!


Christian and Carter


Q=What goes into creating your magazine? Does it take a team? Share with us a little behind the scenes.

We usually start with a meeting. We talk about the season are we going to cover, what fashion stories we want to include, creative details we want to have, and the DIY that will be in each issue. We all have a creative part in the shoots. I might come up with a concept and then the Fashion Editor might say, “Hey, let’s add this.” Our team is really made of about six people. It goes something like this —

* Meeting — this is when we decide what we want in the issue.
* Casting Call — we select the right kids for the photo shoots.
* Clothing — we decide what would be most appropriate for the shoot’s theme.
* Photo Shoot — this is usually an all-day thing. You have to go early to take in props, set up clothes, and make sure everything is in order. Then the kids get their hair styled, get the style approved, and after we can start shooting. Since we photograph younger kids most of the time, we have to be flexible to their moods and what they really feel like doing. We try to keep the atmosphere really fun — kids get to pick a prize out of our treasure box after it’s all finished, just to let them know how awesome they did.


Q=Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur — it’s like catching a bug you can never get rid of! What are some of your future goals and dreams?
I would love to see Babiekins available in other languages. We actually have this in the works, as well as some other deals. But, really goals or dreams? I feel like this is all a dream and blessing. I have no formal training or education background in magazine work, didn’t have capital to start the business. and have learned as I go. It’s just amazing to see really where Babiekins has gone. I started it when the economy just started turning for its worst, and have seen so many amazing blessings out of it. We were in Vogue Brasil after the third digital issue was published! Just amazing!



Q=If you could change one thing in this world to make a difference, what would it be?

I would make people more compassionate. I think all the world’s problems start because humans are naturally selfish people. If we could just learn to look beyond our own problems, and actually stop and help others with an unselfish heart without wanting to get something out of it for ourselves, the world would be so good.


Q=What are 3 things we may not know about you?
*I have a serious sweet tooth . My husband calls me his little “formiginha” which is “ant” in Portuguese.
* I’m a serious night owl. I can stay up for hours, but wake me up in the morning…watch out!
* I hate onions! Don’t have them touch my food or I will seriously not eat it.
* I relearned Portuguese when I was about sixteen. I went to state college to do a Portuguese class but didn’t really learn until I met my dark-skinned, green-eyed hubby. Then I really wanted to learn! 😉
* I met my birth mom when I was seventeen. I stayed with her for two months. It was a very strange thing to actually see her, and see how she is as a mom. She has two other kids that were two and five at the time.
* I was voted funniest person in junior high.
* I would randomly walk around with my best friend at the mall and talk in an English accent, and then we would be complimented on how “cool” our accents were.
* I love to decorate, but since starting the print issues of Babiekins, I haven’t had time to decorate any part of my new house — and we have been here almost a year! I’m looking forward to do it now that the second print issue has been submitted to the printers, and my third son is due in September!


Thank you Priscila for sharing a little of your life with us…I am so inspired by what you have done and what you are now doing! I agree with where all problems begin it’s basic human nature to be selfish with a me-centered attitude, you are so right what a difference our world would be if there was more compassion and love.  The desire to help others succeed without expecting anything in return would be wonderful!  We are excited for the coming of your baby and could not be happier for the new excitement it will bring for you and your sweet family!

To see the talented work of Priscila visit Babiekins Magazine.  She will continue to awe and inspire you.   We hope  you all have a Happy Mother’s Day!  Today is the last day to enter our Destination Nursery #dreamnurserymakeover! We can’t wait to share the 5 semifinalist’s as well as the winner of the Mother’s Day mini gift guide….Stay tuned…..:)

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