We are over the moon excited to announce our 1st dream nursery make over winner!  The response to our launch of Destination Nursery has far exceeded our expectations.  Its an amazing chance to be able to help so many of you have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful space for you and your little one!

We are prepping our next dream nursery make over give away and will reveal the details in a few weeks…Click here to see the details of how our contest works.  We look forward to having many of you enter again...you never know if the next one will be you!   Great job to all of the contestants in sharing and engaging their family and friends to vote…we were so impressed with the support you all recieved.   Thank you to everyone for your support during the voting. To the 4 semi-finalists that did not win this time around…we have enjoyed your little videos and getting to see and know more of you and your stories, wishing you could all be the winners of this space!



Congratulations… the winner is….Shannon & Tyler Rehlinger and Baby Boy Connor from Madison,Wisconsin.   They had the highest average score of 756! We can’t wait for your baby to arrive and to see your finished nursery space!


Averages scores for the 5 final contestants…

#1- 481

#2- 49

#3- 756

#4- 113

#5- 363


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