First of all I am not claiming to be an expert by any means in this area, but with five kids, two of them being teenage daughters it has really got me thinking…am I encouraging a healthy body image for them and my other children.  So I ask myself do I have a healthy body image? Essentially, am I comfortable in my own skin?  If not, it could be time for a body image make over….

What is body image? simply put it is the subjective view of our own personal appearance, established by our self-observation, and the reaction of others.  Our view whether good or bad can have a great affect on our mental well-being, which in turn will ultimately affect our children and how they view themselves.  Naturally they learn from our example…having a healthy body image is important not only for us but for them as well.

Even though I have a love for products, style, and fashion, I want to make sure that my children realize that dressing stylishly is not the most important thing….the most important thing is having a confidence in who they are as a person, it’s what’s on the INSIDE that counts and matters most. At the end of the day if they are not happy with who they are as a person (essentially their own body image), it could lead to a myriad of other problems. I especially want them to realize that the perfect dress, shoes, or latest thing, is not going to give them that fulfillment and happiness they seek.   I love this quote by Alicia Keys, designed for us by our favorite Melanie Burk from Fifth and Hazel. 

positive body image...its the inside that counts!

Having a healthy body image can be key not only to our personal well being but to our families well being.  Have you heard the saying, “If mama’s not happy then nobody’s happy” how true it is.  As mothers and women we have the power to not only set the tone in our homes, but to help foster a positive or negative body image simply by our attitude and example.

So again ask yourself do I have a healthy body image? am I comfortable in my own skin? If not, it may be time for a body image make over…?

Here are a few thoughts….

1. Get rid of unrealistic expectations ..whether we are thin, fat, short, or tall if we place unrealistic expectations on our selves…it makes it harder to ever feel good about who we are.  Pushing yourself to be a specific size that is not realistic for your body type is not healthy for a positive body image.  Finding out what is healthy for your body shape is important so that your health and fitness goals can be realistic.   Several years ago after my fourth baby, I was probably the most discouraged I could ever be as that last 15 pounds of baby weight was just not going anywhere. I then went through a weight loss journey over the next several months that fortunately allowed me to lose that last 15 lbs plus 15 more for a total loss of about 30 lbs. I literally worked my butt off and I felt amazing, but soon found myself obsessing over my new found size,  I started to stress over whether I gained a pound or two.  I soon realized that my obsessing was not mentally or physically healthy for me…so instead of obsessing I tried to focus on being consistent with the things that I had learned that helped me get fit in the first place…by exercising regularly, eating healthy and using moderation in all things especially when it comes to enjoying a treat!  Maintaining this new attitude is the reason my 5th and last pregnancy went so well.  I was able to gain a healthy 30 pounds, and then shed them within a few months after delivery.  The first time ever in my history of 5 babies!  Consistent exercise for me was really key, it has helped me to continue to maintain where I want to be.  It keeps me balanced both mentally and physically so that I can manage the stresses of life that come from raising 5 kids and building a business.

 Remember to be kind to yourself and keep your expectations real…this will make a difference in maintaining a positive body image.  Don’t forget you are amazing!

2. Avoid the comparison trap….”Find You be You…be happy with that!”  We focused a whole series on comparing ourselves with others and ways you can avoid it..(for details go here).  It’s not a healthy practice for anyone to adopt…what we see other’s featuring or doing is not always a correct representation of their real life…everyone has trials, sometimes family issues, etc. You never really know what people could be battling! As well your body type could be very different than your friend suzy down the street which is totally unfair to even try to compare yourself or want to be alike as we come in all shapes and sizes.

3. Maintain Positive thoughts….” As a man thinketh in his heart so is he!”  this is so true, and some of the greatest words we could live by!  We are the maker and molder of our destiny and who we can  become! I am a firm believer on how our thoughts and attitude can create our successes in life!  Positive self talk can help us maintain a positive body image.   Replacing a negative thought with a positive one will make the difference.  I will forever be a broken record on this subject of thoughts are things…as I have seen the power of it in my own life. For more details and my thoughts on this subject go here… 

It really is a day by day…step by step process,  but I  hope to continue to foster a positive example and environment for myself and for my children…to help them to continue to develop and maintain a positive body image.

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