These perfect pool-side curls and fun work out hair are really great for any occasion.  But aren’t you tired of the boring throw your hair back in a quick pony tail or top knot type of look!?  Have a little fun with it.  Here are the details of the hair How To’s styled for our Chic Summer shoot by Megan from the Beauty Snoop. Thanks Megan we love these fun options!

HOW TO:  Perfect Pool-Side Curls
The curl look was created by wrapping large sections of hair around a 2-inch curling wand. Place the wand in vertically (pointing towards the floor) near the root, then wrap the hair down the barrel and allow the strand to twist as you go. Once the section is heated through, release the curl and let it cool completely before gently loosening the curls with your fingers.

Photos taken by Aubry from Beauty and Truth   Outfit details go here…

HOW TO: Fun Work out Hair featuring  THE BUBBLE PONY

The bubble pony is created by gathering your hair into a high pony at the crown using a tradition hair tie. Next, place a second small plastic elastic a few inches lower on the pony, then use your fingers to bubble that section by tugging on the hair outward between the two elastics. Repeat with additional elastics to get the finished look.

Featuring Aubry from Beauty and Truth  Outfit details go here…

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