Once our chalkboard wall was complete, my older children had a fun time drawing to their hearts content. With a lot of dust and mess…it got me thinking that there really had to be a better way to create the Chalk Art without the dust or mess? So we created our own simple chalk paint…just blend the chalk into a powder and add a little water…Genius!  Its safe for any babies nursery or child space plus it looks so clean and pretty and could potentially last forever…at least until you wipe it with a wet rag. Here is our step by step process to dust Free DIY chalk art…We are hooked!



Supplies needed:

1. Chalk (any kind will do)

2. Filbert 6 long handle paint brush

3. Blend tec Blender

*TIP: the chalk paint will seem watery when applying, so naturally you will think it needs to be applied on thick. But once it dries however it’s almost too thick.  We suggest testing it out first to see how you like it best.


Check out this mini video showing the step by step process…





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Chalk Art created by Brandalyn Design, photos of Nursery taken by Heather Telford Photography.

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