We could not be more excited to share some details with you today about one of our newest contributors to Mom’s best/Destination Nursery…Kelle Howard-Dean from habitatandbeyondkids.com. Kelle lives on the Gold Coast in Australia, a mommy of 1, she is an interior designer specializing in children’s spaces.  One of the things we love about our community is the opportunity to connect with so many amazing women from around the world.  We are always in awe at the inspiring women everywhere!  And Kelle is no exception…


Q= What inspires you?

A= My son inspires me every day – having him in my life makes me want to push the boundaries in my work and design incredible spaces for families that they may not have had the ideas to create without me. In the design world my hero is Caitlin Wilson – a Mum of two with a very successful business, incredible design taste and most importantly she seems to be a lovely person.

Q= How long have you been an interior designer and what inspired you to start your business and blog?

A= I’m a firm believer in creating a stimulating environment for kids, a place for them to learn, play, dream and grow.  After studying a diploma in Interior Design it was a no-brainer for me to specialize in creating one-of-a-kind rooms for children. I thrive on the excitement I get from parents, their children and parents to be, and it warms my heart to think of all the special memories they will have in rooms that I have helped them create.

Q=What are three things we may not know about you?

A= I have an obsession with leopard print,

I love the beach but I am scared of the ocean

and chocolate is my weakness.

Q= My momma says…share with us something you learned from your mother?
Be true to yourself

Here are a few amazing spaces designed by Kelle….we are in love!

habitat and beyond kids habitat and beyond kids habitat and beyond kids


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