As with most holidays, we all have traditions…one of our 4th of July traditions includes fashion.  Dressing up in a patriotic color palate is a FUN tradition…we have been doing it since my first daughter was a baby.  It’s even more fun to look back over the past 10+ years and see our 4th of July fashion.  Here are some of my 4th of July family fashion pick’s….


1.striped pencil skirt, 2. striped canvas tote, 3. polka dot swim, 4. white tee, 5. color block swim, 6. rugby tee, 7. chambray shorts, 8. striped tee, 9. white shorts, 10. stripe halter tank, 11. anchor tee, 12. striped board shorts, 13. khaki cargo shorts, 14. baby kurta w/bloomers, 15. floral swim, 16. faded stripe tee, 17. color block swim.

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