We could not be more excited to feature Lisa Leonard today in our peek at motherhood series! We have watched her from afar as she has grown Lisa Leonard Jewelry into a national success!  Not only is she amazing but so down to earth! Her life story will inspire you to make the best of every situation…no matter what life gives….you can always find that silver lining!  Boy did she find her silver lining!  We are in love with her jewelry line…which offers lovely pieces that can be worn with jeans or your little black dress. Their custom jewelry is hand-stamped with your kids’ names or a special phrase or verse.
lisa Leonard

Here is our fun interview with Lisa…

Q = We know as a mom it is a challenge to juggle family and work…how do you make it work?

One of the best parts of what I do is the ability to have a flexible schedule. With two young boys, one with severe mental & physical disabilities, this is so important. I try to see the beauty in everything & not allow little frustrations to have the final say over my day. It’s imperfect and I’ve come to terms with that!

lisa leonard and family

Photos: Provided by Lisa Leonard

Q= What inspired you to create Lisa Leonard Jewelry?

LLD started when our first son was born. David was born with special needs—including 7 fingers on his left hand, he has a serious heart defect, small size, feeding issues and global delay.  Read more of his story here… And so when David was born our worlds just crumbled and we were devastated. And at that time, I was actually teaching kids with special needs and so I was working during the day with kids with special needs and coming home and doing more for David and so I wanted to do something different. In my brokenness, I found myself wanting to find beauty and see little bits of hope—like a sunshiney day or laughing at a joke that’s funny. That’s really what LLD was born out of—the desire to find beauty in the brokenness.

MB: Just hearing you share your story is so inspiring…your ability to find beauty in the brokenness gives so much hope to so many! Thank you!

Q= Being a Mompreneur has become a real growing trend….with the popularity of Instagram especially there are so many starting a blog/and or business…this has created quite a lot of competition within the Mompreneur space….share with us your thoughts about how one can make this competition be a positive part of growing their business.

I see Intragram as a great way to share the way I see life and to inspire others. Whether it be a picture of a beautiful flower or of my family, Instragram is a platform to let people in on my life. I have a story to tell and so do other “Mompreneaurs.” Trust that. Share your heart. I will also occasionally share a sale. I know my followers would be bummed if we were having a big promotion and they didn’t know about it.

MB:  You have done an amazing job at letting others into your life to see what makes you tick with both your blog and instagram.  We like how you do it so seamlessly…still adding in details here and there about your business. We agree everyone has a story…the more you share that story as you grow a business the more your fans will appreciate that you are a real person. Sharing that uniqueness about you is what sets you a part from any other jewelry company or in other words the competition…it really is what makes Lisa Leonard Jewelry as a brand that much more exciting and unique!


Q= What are your top 3-5 tips for other moms wanting to be successful with their business ventures?

1. Make sure the cost of what you’re selling covers your time & labor! Your time is valuable.

2. Set small goals that help you move towards the greater goal. Reaching small goals is so motivating!

3. Initially I thought I could work from home and be with my kids more but I found myself frustrated and exhausted. I need help with my kids so I could focus on work. Then I enjoyed them when I wasn’t trying to work.


Q=  Have you ever faced challenges with your business, if so how did you overcome them?

We have definitely faced challenges! The team here is AMAZING though. We have a positive outlook and are able to problem solve together. They really believe in what they are doing. We’ve realized it’s going to be imperfect, but we are in it together.


Q= What inspires you?

Everyday moments in nature, Jesus, the silver linings in life.


Q= What empowers you to be your best?

My husband is a huge support and makes me better. Also, I have to make time for me—to rest, to be alone and to get inspired.


Q= What are three things we might not know about you?

I’m an identical twin, I sucked my thumb until I was 10 years old and my favorite movie as a child was Annie. I’ve watched it probably 100 times!


Q= If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

This is such a hard question. My first thought is no child would be hurt or hungry.


Thank you so much Lisa for inspiring so many! We love your insights and tips…you make motherhood and running a business seem so easy, but we know it takes constant work. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring us with your beautiful work!  You must go and check out her amazing blog here.

We are so excited today  because we have the chance to givie away 2 $50 gift certificate to the Lisa Leonard Jewelry Shop! YAY!!!

Congratulations to our two winner’s  Kylie Fuller and Jessica Kunz please watch for our email with instructions thanks!!


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