We are excited to share with you today some inspiring spaces that use color. Kelle Howard Dean one of our Destination Nursery contributors created a fun FREE E-Book sharing some of her favorite spaces using color.  We love the suggestions she gives for different color palettes and trends…she even shares the meaning of several different colors.

E- book Cover Photo credit: Space designed by Amie Corley


Crazy for Colour EBOOK COVER


Here is a little sneak peek into some of the inspirational spaces she talks about in her FREE E-Book…

Photo Credit: The Wall Sticker Company, Examiner.com, The Glow and Scandinavian Deco

sneak peak  free ebook crazy for color

Are you in need of help with designing your child’s space? Kelle offers some amazing design services that are very affordable for anyone to take advantage of when creating their perfect space.   To get some inspiration right NOW using color in your next kid friendly space download her FREE E-book here….

We are loving the inspiration we found in  her FREE E-Book as we get ready to finish a couple of our own personal kid’s spaces…stay tuned as we share the process up to our big reveal!


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