Helping our kids learn through play and discovery is an important part of their growth and development.
It’s exciting to watch them as they reach many different milestones. Today I wanted to touch on the simple concept of pop-up play. With 5 kids at varying ages I have learned that this one simple play activity never gets old. Pop-up play is easy…it can involve some blankets and chairs to create the perfect fort or hut…(as my kids like to call them.)

One of my favorite new pop-up play toys is a tee pee! In less than 2 minutes you have an instant place for your little ones to imagine and play. I also love that you can take it most anywhere! It’s such a joy to watch my kid’s as they use their imaginations…pretending they are on a secret adventure. This type of play helps in fine tuning their cognitive, language, and social skills.





Photos: Mom’s Best, Tee Pee c/0  Clemmie Sue Tee Pees (custom neon pink), Outfit details…Polka Dot Shorts c/o Good boy Friday, Hello Sunshine Tee, c/o See Kai Run Shoes.



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