Rainbows and cupcakes are a great combination! They make us so happy…so excited to feature them as well as the creator Shari Lott from Spearmint baby!  We can’t get over how fun they look…and so easy to make!  Perfect for that next birthday party or in celebration of your kids going back to school!


Click here for the recipe… 

We wanted to take a closer look at the creator behind these fabulous rainbow cupcakes! Momprenuer Shari Lott,  is the founder of the successful blog Spearmint Baby,  it is there she shares her passion for baby products, fashion, and children’s decor while inspiring other mom’s.  (we are delighted to have partnered with her this month in presenting our 3rd Destination Nursery/Kids room makeover)


We asked Shari to give with us a few key tips that have helped to make her blog a success?

I started Speramintbaby.com in 2009.  My daughter Harper was about 4 months old.  I had little blogging experience, but the idea from the beginning was to teach myself how to make a business out of it!  I think most of the reason for it’s success is because it is my passion. I am fascinated with baby products, children’s decor/design, & fashion.   Working up to 12 hrs/day is pretty much a no brainer for me!  

MB: How do you juggle family and work?


I really haven’t mastered the working mom thing.  Since I work from home it is extremely difficult to balance work & mom time. I work 24/7 so it is difficult for me to completely put everything down. I try to spend quality time with my kids after school. I find the best thing for me is to hide my computer away so that I am not tempted. This is not easy for me and I am pretty much ALWAYS behind with email! Now that the kids have started back at preschool (as of August 7th) it is much easier for me to work all morning/early afternoon, then spend time with them during the afternoon.  After getting the kids to bed & having dinner with my husband,  I resume work around 7:30 P.M.  Often I work until midnight!

I think all working moms struggle with the same issues….work/mom balance.  Perhaps someone could give me some advice!

MB: What inspires you?  and what are some of your future goals?
I am inspired by passionate people & hard workers.  Anyone that can take something they love doing and turn it into a career is inspiring to me!

I have so many future goals…one in particular that I am working on is our first online store.  We will be launching SpearmintLOVE.com in September and it has pretty much consumed every hour of every day these past few months.  It has been a dream of mine ….& with my husband’s amazing support I am finally going for it!

Thank you so much Shari for your inspiring words and beautiful cupcakes…we can’t wait to try your recipe!

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