We wanted to share this simple How-To for the glitter marquee arrow we used in our Mint and Pink themed Ice Cream Party.  So in love with the possibilities you could take this to…why not create your favorite shape or Monogram Letter too!?

Here’s what you’ll need:

White Foam Core (found at your local craft store)
X-acto Knife
String of round bulbs

Mod Podge
Glitter-any color you prefer
Foam brush



  • Step one: Use a straight edge and trace the lines for your arrow. I cut my arrow out on a paper template (to determine the size and shape) then traced the pattern onto the foam core.


  • Step two: Use your X-acto knife and cut along the marked lines. Make sure that you cut all the way though, I found that it helps if you cut on a hard surface.



  • Step three: Mark where you would like your lights to go. I preferred that each “corner” of the arrow have a light bulb and an intermediate light bulb between the “corner” lights. Feel free to add more or less lights.



  • Step four:Unscrew a bulb and trace the width of the bulb onto the foam core. Use your knife and cut a circle. Note: If you have a drill and a 1/4″ circle drill bit, this will help speed up the process. Cut all your circles out for the bulbs.
  • Step five:Next you will need Mod Podge and foam brush. Brush on small section of Mod Podge and pour the glitter on the wet Mod Podge. Shake off any excess glitter and repeat this step until the arrow is completely covered in glitter. Wait 1 hour for the Mod Podge to dry


  • Step six: Unscrew the individual light bulb from the string of lights. Insert the light bulb on the glitter side and screw the bulb back into the string of lights. Repeat this step until all the lights are attached to the arrow and string of lights.



Ta-da your done! Easy as that! This would also be cute hanging on a wall or a kids room sitting on top of a dresser!

This How-To would also work for other shapes and letters!  HAVE FUN!

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