Our theme for the month of October is “Overcoming our fears…and how we can help our children learn to overcome their fears…”   We thought this theme was fitting considering this month we celebrate Halloween a very fun and scary holiday!


What do you fear? As you sit there contemplating this question…I want you to think about the things specifically that might be holding you back?

We all have fears…sometimes these fears can be so paralyzing…they impede our progress and hold us back from doing many important and amazing things! As I think about this question personally there are a few things these past few month that have been seriously holding me back! One of those fears I have is failure…ironically it’s literally that fear that keeps me going despite the many challenges I have faced in developing the goals for mom’s best network.  It’s in these moments that I find strength and courage in prayer and faith!  For sure when I put myself out there and follow through with a couple of my current goals and dreams…I most certainly run the risk of failing and failing publicly for that matter.   But on the other hand I also run the risk of succeeding greatly!

Eleanor Roosevelt was a successful role model…I love her quote above as  it is very good advice…it reminds me that success can not be achieved unless I am willing to move out of my comfort zone and indeed do things that might be scary!

While we are working towards our goals it can be easy to get discouraged when we see others having the success we so desire…we all have a natural tendency to  compare ourselves to others.  It’s so important to remember that this life is not a race…we are all at different levels of growth and development so we should try to never compare our beginning to someone else’s middle or ending.   It’s times like these that I remind myself that we all have a specific purpose and mission here in life, mine is very different from yours and vice versa….which is why we should never compare ourselves to others.   I came across this quote  by George Eliot a while ago and love it because it serves as a gentle reminder that no matter what happens even if we fail, it’s never too late to try!


So here’s to moving forward one day at a time as we conquer the fears we may have together!  Happy Haunting!

xxo Tana


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