Halloween is just around the corner and we are busy preparing to find our child’s next costume! Here is a roundup of some of our favorites to get you started…
We are amazed at how fashionable several of these costumes were…from stripes to tutus you can be sure your child will be looking stylish this Halloween!
The pirated princess’ dress could certainly be worn even after halloween, in fact we may just buy the dress and add it to our child’s wardrobe! The other thing we found was how surprisingly affordable many of these costumes were…you really couldn’t make them for that price, and just think of all the time you will save! ¬†Happy Halloween!

1. Pirate Princess

3. Marie Antoinette princess
4. Mummy Girl
5. Pirate
6. Mummy Boy
7. Princess Bride
8. Super Girl
9. Bat Boy

11. Dapper Dude

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