Loving these hip modern DIY trick or treat bags created by Tana Hallows.  Nothing cheesy here…skill level is fairly moderate, so the average sewer could easily make one of these in about 30 minutes.  The outer part of the bag is made out of laminated/vinyl fabric, which makes it simple to add a modern pumpkin face, or any other design with duck tape.  Since the duck tape can be easily removed, this fun little bag could be used for many different purposes.  The possibilities are endless!


The two bags pictured here are two different sizes, one for a young toddler and the other for big kids.

Materials needed:

1/2 yard of laminated or vinyl fabric

1/2 yard of cotton or cotton knit used for the lining.

1/2 yard of pellon or wonder under…you will fuse this to the lining to strengthen it.

1 yard of cotton belting for straps

Duck Tape (we used neon orange)


Have fun with the lining fabric, we first made one polka dot bag with a neon pink  polyester knit lining then decided to make a second one with a fun cotton/lycra knit stripe.

How- to instructions:

Toddler bag:  Take the laminated/vinyl fabric and Lining fabric and cut  TWO 13″ squares out of each fabric…Then Cut two 13″ squares out of the fusible fabric…Iron it to the Lining fabric on the wrong side.

Take the 1 yard of cotton belting and cut it in half, these will be your two straps for the bag.

Big kid bag:  Take the laminated/vinyl fabric and lining fabric and cut  TWO 15″ squares out of each fabric…Then Cut two 15″ squares out of the fusible fabric…Iron it to the Lining fabric on the wrong side.

Take the 1 yard of cotton belting and cut it in half, these will be your two straps for the bag.

Now that your bag is CUT out you are ready to start sewing!

NOTE: When you are pinning through laminated fabric or vinyl be sure to place your pins within the seam allowance so the holes do not show on your finished bag.

 SEWING Instructions: 

1. Take your 2 laminate/vinyl Squares and measure and mark 5 inches in from each side at the top of one of the pieces…pinning the end of each strap to each marking, making sure your strap is not twisted (see pictures).  Then Sew 1/4 of an inch along the top raw edge to secure the straps in place.  Do this for both pieces of the laminate fabric.



2. Now take both squares of the laminate/vinyl fabric and place them right sides together, pinning, then sew the sides and the bottom together 1/4 inch seam allowance.



3. In each bottom corner cut out a 2 inch square, then go back and reinforce each of the seams where you cut out the square. ( For the BIG KID bag we cut a 1 and 3/4″ square)



4. Flatten each corner and match the raw edges together then sew 1/4 inch across, turn the bag now right side out.



Make the LINING:

First take your two lining pieces and the 2 squares of fusible fabric and iron them together on the wrong side of your lining fabric….

Now follow the same steps above to create your lining starting with STEP 2 but please NOTE: when sewing the right sides and bottom together….LEAVE ABOUT A 5 inch opening…the reason for this will make sense in a minute when you are ready to sew your bag and lining together.

So once the lining is complete you are now ready to attach it to your bag….

HOW-TO attach the lining to your bag….


1. Take the vinyl part of the bag you have created turned right side out…place it inside the lining that is still turned wrong side out….

2. Pin the two together all around the top and sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around the top. Once this is complete take the lining and the 5 inch opening you left at the bottom and pull the vinyl part of the bag through.

3. Straighten out the lining and sew up the 5 inch hole, once finished push the lining down into the bottom of the bag.

4. Top stitch around the top of your bag about a 1/8 inch seam all the way around. The sewing portion of your bag is now complete.


It’s time to now Add a fun design with Duck tape…


Time to get creative and add a halloween inspired design with the duck tape.  We added a simple pumpkin face with a series of different triangle shapes, you could also buy other colors of duck tape and create a few bats, a frankenstein, or a Cat, etc.

Super excited how these turned out…love the fun knit stripe lining with the mix of polka dots…even just the simple plain black with the stripe makes the neon pumpkin face  really pop!  Your littles are going to be very stylish this halloween with their very own customized trick or treat bag!



*original pattern was customized to fit for a toddler/big kid

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