DIY honeycomb Halloween Bats…brought to you today by our featured guest contributor Alix Adams from A Ruffled Life!   Thanks so much Alix for sharing this darling craft with all of us…we are so excited to make them!  xx

Halloween marks the time of year where crafting is at an all-time high around here. The bright funky colors, spooky characters, and plump pumpkins are just begging me to whip out my glue gun and go all craft-queen on some paper and googly eyes! I love the idea of making simple, accessible, and affordable Halloween decor, rather than spending extra money on store-bought items. Plus, a low budget makes for some creative thinking and craft brainstorming, which is good for your brain I bet. And this batty craft I whipped up is sure to make a Halloween statement without driving you bat-(@$#%)-crazy :). Let the crafting begin (said in a spooky witch voice)!




– 5″ Honeycomb poofs in black. I bought mine online HERE [link:]
– Popsicle sticks. You can get these at your local craft store or grocery store
– Googly eyes!
– Black paper
– Baker’s twine or string (optional- I didn’t end up hanging the bats from the ceiling)



– Pencil
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun and glue


Step 1:
For your first step you are trying to turn your flat honeycomb into a half-circle honeycomb for the body of your bat. Unfold your honeycomb poof half way so that the cardboard back is flat. Then, cover a Popsicle stick in hot glue and stick it to the two sides of the cardboard back on your half-open honeycomb. Let the glue harden to create a half-circle honeycomb that stays open!

Step 2:
Now, using simple shapes, trace out the head and wings of the bat on black paper. For the head I traced a jar lid to create a simple circle head and then I drew 2 triangles for the bat ears. For the wings I traced a big half circle for the wing top and a series of small half circles for the wing bottom.

Step 3:
Time to cut out all those heads and wings!

Step 4:
Before you get all excited and glue those bat heads on you honeycomb poof, don’t forget about the googly eyes! With a tiny dab of hot glue, stick your googly eyes on your bat heads.

Step 5:  
Finally, carefully glue the bat head and wings to the back of the honeycomb poof (the side with the Popsicle stick on it) and your bat are complete!



I used wall putty to hang up my bats above my fireplace; however, you could also attach some string to the back of the bats and hang them from the ceiling.


Happy Halloween!

Alix Adams A Ruffled Life

Let’s all give Alix some love by heading over to her blog A ruffled life… you will see exactly why we love her so! She’s a darling mom to one handsome little boy with an amazing talent to create everything beautiful…move over Martha!  Thanks again Alix for inspiring us with your talents! xx0

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