Creating this simple & stylish artwork for my boys bedrooms was so easy!  I was in love with this artwork here...but I could not get myself to buy it at their price tag of $400!  So I set out to create my own vintage art for less.  Mine only cost about $15…here is how to create this simple vintage looking art for your home.  All you’ll need is wood, screws and paint to complete this darling artwork below.


photo credit: Whitney Evans

WOOD- I purchased the wood at Home Depot.  For the front boards I bought 2 pieces of cedar
[$2.45 each] that were 6 feet long by 5.5″ wide.  (5/8″ thick) I
had them cut 24″ long, which gave me 3 pieces of wood from each cedar
board (6 total)  For the smaller piece of wood I bought another cedar
board [$1.64] that was 3.5″ wide by 6 feet long. (5/8″ thick) I had
them cut two pieces 18″ long. 
Step 1:
Assemble your wood pallet by simply screwing in a screw to each board on the back side
of the sign.  Make sure the screws aren’t too long, you won’t want them
poking out the front. 
Step 2:
Paint your pallet the color of your choice.  I like to rough it up with some
sandpaper after for a more rustic look.
Step 3:
For my letters I like to print off letters after I have resized them on my computer to
the size I want them.  I get my letters HERE.  Once I have printed them out (can be trial and
error on the size) I cut them out.
Step 4:
Lay the letters on your pallet and lightly trace them with a pencil.
Step 5:
Carefully paint the letter the color of your choice.
Step 6:
I like to paint over my letters really lightly with some white paint to give it a more
rustic look.  You can also sand them a little bit with sandpaper.
to the moon and back
Note: The dimensions for the “for like ever” sign is 24″x22″.  
For the “to the moon & back” sign, I used old barn wood that my mother in
law gave me.  The dimensions for this sign were 24″x24″ It has
more of a rustic look to it.  

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